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PayPal payment option

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PayPal payment option

Giffgaff should have a Paypal payment option when purchasing a goodybag or a top up they could also advertise this, this would help because people feel reassured when that see a PayPal badge

It would be easier to just get topupo £10 voucher from shops / supermarket near you because this idea will probably cost them alot to implement this idea


Most people have a card linkeded to their paypal account, so I do not see what benefit having the paypal option would have.


I know if I buy with my debit or credit card the details are not passed outside of europe, if you pay with paypal your payments may well be processed in the US.

I ate the FAQ
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If using paypal then who will pay the not insignificant costs? maybe you can only top up using paypal and the costs are deducted from your payment?


Thus add £10 via paypal only adds - £9.46 to your credit.