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Payback points not only for credit.

Payback points not only for credit.

I think it will be great if we could spend out giffgaff payback points on giffgaff items not only credit for example


  • 1500-2000 points = giffgaff hoodie Smiley Very Happy
  • 600-1000 points= giffgaff t-shirt
    • 1000 points= giffgaff slippers Smiley Tongue
    • 500 points= giffgaff mug



So a hoodie would be £15-£20 and mug £5. I personally think this would be awesome and make me want to get more payback points as credits good but eventually I wont need that much credit Smiley Tongue Also it will spread giffgaff more Smiley Very Happy





I would not be taking part...

head honcho

omg, thats amazing idea, i would defo buy a giffgaff t-shirt using my payback, brilliant!


i support this idea, seems like it could be fun!


That's cool!


So you buy a t-shirt and get points?


i'm in.


@ jacstreak, i think the idea is that you purchase t shirts etc WITH points you've already earned.


I'd rather just stick to the cash/credit/charity thing, personally. If you want giffgaff clothing, great, but why not buy it?! (even with the case you earn via payback!!)


OMG i would so have the mug and/or slippers! Smiley Very Happy


I am not very excited by this idea at present, considering GG needs to do a lot in improving basic things and this idea will need a continuous closely administrated process and will consume considerable time and effort....


Anyways i would never buy any such thing for money (points are money at GG) .... why would i advertise and also pay money for it....  it is against GG's basic philosophy to pay the users for advertisement and not charge them !!!!!!.....


I would not be interested in GG merchandise but would be interested in the value of rewards towards a new phone if GG could link with a company that would do this.   Yes its all green reuse recycle etc but phones dont last forever and being able to use our payback towards a new one via giffgaff would be fab.





Thatd be good Smiley Very Happy


Maybe , like , giffgaff phone holders / phone socks and headphones. Gotta keep it related