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Payback points not only for credit.

Payback points not only for credit.

I think it will be great if we could spend out giffgaff payback points on giffgaff items not only credit for example


  • 1500-2000 points = giffgaff hoodie Smiley Very Happy
  • 600-1000 points= giffgaff t-shirt
    • 1000 points= giffgaff slippers Smiley Tongue
    • 500 points= giffgaff mug



So a hoodie would be £15-£20 and mug £5. I personally think this would be awesome and make me want to get more payback points as credits good but eventually I wont need that much credit Smiley Tongue Also it will spread giffgaff more Smiley Very Happy





Well the current plan is already to have the option of having payback points as cash or airtime credit or a charity donation, though this could be a cool idea too.


It is a very good idea, I think adding popular electronics or something like that would be a valuable asset to the site? If people start spreading that referring friends gets you free gifts then GiffGaff are gonna be rich in no time!

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Status changed to: We’re Looking Into It
Hi all, We need a bit more feedback on this. Especially the amount of people who would actually be interested in using this facility. As for anything we would make, there would be a minimum order. We would have to store it etc. So although we think it is a great idea, we'd need a clearer indication of how many people would actually use their points to purchase giffgaff goodies. So make sure to kudos this idea if it's something you are seriously interested in. Cheers, Vincent

I think this would be a good idea especially if we let people input their own designs for the items. Also it shouldn't focus on just clothes, stickers and posters would also be great.

much as I love giffgaff I'm not one for advertising products on my clothes or mugs so wouldn't be signing up for anything like that.  credit is fine, works for me anyway.  thanks.


Why would anyone want to use their points to buy cheesy goods, probably made in China, and ultimately covered in advertising logos? When a rep comes round our store and gives out the usual selection of pens, etc., there main use is to be able to lend out to someone, safe in the knowledge that if you don't get it back, you haven't lost anything of value!




because one of the main focus points of giffgaff seems to be the strong community here. I view giffgaff in the same way that I view something like Ubuntu, or my personal favourite, Crunchbang Linux. People who're part of a community that strives for the benefit of each other generally like to share that. I already have a Crunchbang Linux sticker on my EeePC, and am hopefully going to get a few tshirts in future (once my record habit has subsided!).


as long as there were some cool designs that weren't too "in your face" in terms of advertising, I would be more than happy to wear a tshirt and spread the word.


don't forget there is already a cafepress giffgaff shop


PM me if you want any other designs



I reckon the memorabilia is a great idea, then when you are wearing it and your friends ask what it is, you can explain and maybe persuade them to join giffgaff!


@oscillik I have nothing against promoting a community as such and have used ubuntu amongst other linux distros. I seem to remember, though, that before shippit ubuntu cds got too popular, you used to get free ubuntu stickers with your cds, not have to pay for them. I hope to be more loyal to Giffgaff than linux distros, though. I seem to alternate between ubuntu and derivatives, mandriva and fedora, my current favourite for the eeepc being kubuntu 1004 netbook edition at the moment. As such, I would have to remove and apply a lot of stickers if I attached them to it. As far as t-shirts are concerned, it could be a better bet to use cash from payback to pay for a logo of your choosing to be  put on a t-shirt using a company such as the one above (or you could print one on an ink-jet printer using special media and apply to a t-shirt of your choice).