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As you know, when you started on giffgaff you almost certainly asked questions in the cummunity and you got an answer almost instantly in most cases

Now, giffgaff offer payback to members who spend time helping answer questions in the cummunity, up to £30! now thats great

But helping out in the cummunity ive realised that there are some cummunity members which spend literarily hours of there time almost every night helping out

I contacted one of these  members and asked him if he only got £30 a month or he got extra for helping out more than other people?

He answered: no i dont but i like helping in the cummunity

I propose that giffgaff should single out these cummunity members and give them extra payback for the work they do!

If you think this is a good idea or have been helped by these people then kodo the idea

I agree. Some people spend there life on here and deserve more
there's a lot of members that live their lives on here and i do agree they should get more payback.

we do some times get extra payback points.


A slight increase in the Band amounts(or a review) would be nice as gg grows so does the demand for help...?!

ace of spades
great post my friend to be honest i love it here great community an enjoy helping out

I think you used to get more but it was pegged but I think you are spot on. Well done



giffgaff; ergo sum

I enjoy helping on here every night, but I certainly would not refuse more payback, although I don't expect it, happy gaffingSmiley Happy


I was pleasantly surprised at the payback awarded last month (my first full day was 30 Sept and I was awarded 10p) - but I never really notice how much I spend time - it is just fun to help others, and gratifying when you receive a 'Best Answer' for helping. 


20 best answers so far!



But if they did that we would all be on here all the time quit our jobs earn our money from here until giffgaff went bust I don't see how this would make good business sense
Yes I understand what you mean, but do remember.. Its about the quality of your answers not quantity. I thought this myself earlier too! Thank you for sharing your amazing idea with the community. Thank you Smiley Happy