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As you know, when you started on giffgaff you almost certainly asked questions in the cummunity and you got an answer almost instantly in most cases

Now, giffgaff offer payback to members who spend time helping answer questions in the cummunity, up to £30! now thats great

But helping out in the cummunity ive realised that there are some cummunity members which spend literarily hours of there time almost every night helping out

I contacted one of these  members and asked him if he only got £30 a month or he got extra for helping out more than other people?

He answered: no i dont but i like helping in the cummunity

I propose that giffgaff should single out these cummunity members and give them extra payback for the work they do!

If you think this is a good idea or have been helped by these people then kodo the idea




Those who earn loads of 'payback' do so by spreading giffgaff at 500 payback points per person introduced . . . Who knows how many people get introduced each month . . . 


Helping in the community is a much more humble affair.




i have a friend who spends a lot of time helping on the forums - and although you'll only get a certain amount of points through helping, that in turn has connected him with more users and enabled him give out more sims.... thus earning even more points that way.


no-one's ever gonna refuse more payback but i guess there is a limit to how much giffgaff can just hand out for free. you have things like the list of 'top kudoed authors' on the side - maybe this could be made more visible, as a bit of recognition for the hard work people are putting in Smiley Happy


No, too many people spam answers on here already, giving answers to questions that have already been answered. Giving them more money would only exacerbate this

There are some really amazing people on here who spend a lot of time helping out. A little extra thank you would be nice for them.
The six Month payback system does not work - My November payback will not be updated until February. My December payback has not updated either. This I understand is due backlog from the November payback.
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Status changed to: Working On It

[17th Mar 2015]: This idea has been set to 'Working On It'. 


Hi folks,


It's great to see so much support for an idea that supports the very foundation of giffgaff; mutuality. We're just as keen as you to see payback more fairly representing the efforts made by our excellent members across the board and have recently posted a consultation to get individual views on it. If you haven't had a look yet then pop over to the consultation and let us know what you think.


Thanks everyone. 

unlikely to be wrong
i think a great idea would be to limit every member to max of 600 posts a month that way its given everyone a fair chance of getting a few best answers i myself have been limited to 400 posts a month because according to staff was over posting an there reason was posts to best answer ratio should be min of 6percent per month now come on be honest how can you get 25 or so best answers a month if limited to max 15posts a day remember its members choices to select best answers so when say ten people reply an are almost the exact same but because they are known well they get selected as the best one an when others can put thousands of posts in so where is the fairness to any member who is trying sorry to be blunt but thats my views on this yes many do go out of there way to help i have done many times also but at end of day its all down to percentages to make it all look better so dont over post is best way or you to will be limited Robot Happy enjoy your day everyone happy st paddys day wow Robot Happy

I think this comment was right to bring up and maybe giffgaff tryed to make newcomer feel apreshatedSmiley Frustrated


If giffgaff is the network run by its members, then the members who do the work should receive payback (for contributing, helping, etc - seperate to new commissions) at least equivalent to the Minimum Wage.

While there may be a problem with the odd scammer this should not be an excuse for giffgaff to penalize everybody else including its own business model. 


We should also consider when people are replying to help posts that they are doing this concurently, possibly with many people. So answers are going to be duplicated sometimes. I myself have done this as the time I've composed and posted my reply 10 others have done the same.....




encourage better quality post is the key, true, i go more in this line