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As you know, when you started on giffgaff you almost certainly asked questions in the cummunity and you got an answer almost instantly in most cases

Now, giffgaff offer payback to members who spend time helping answer questions in the cummunity, up to £30! now thats great

But helping out in the cummunity ive realised that there are some cummunity members which spend literarily hours of there time almost every night helping out

I contacted one of these  members and asked him if he only got £30 a month or he got extra for helping out more than other people?

He answered: no i dont but i like helping in the cummunity

I propose that giffgaff should single out these cummunity members and give them extra payback for the work they do!

If you think this is a good idea or have been helped by these people then kodo the idea

Great idea Giffgaff wouldn't be giffgaff without some of it's more active members so I think you have a valid point and am with you on this one 😎 I gave the 15th kudos so when/if it gets to 20+ it will be taken into a meeting for discussion so let's hope it gets to 20+ 😊😊

Some do deserve more but there must be a cap in order for payback to be financially viable. 


There are many forums on the internet and as I am discovering, this one has a better atmosphere than most, so I am not surprised that some members choose to spend a long time on here.

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I agree there has to be a cap. I would however support a reduction in the referral rewards/free credit to accommodate those more active contributors earning the extra that they deserve. Free to GG calls and payback for contributing in itself should be enough of an incentive to recruit, and if growth were to slow, maybe that would also help to improve data performance. Some earn insane amounts through sims and that isn't capped at all.
Agreed but only if they are doing it well
It's a great idea I myself answer as much as possible to things I think I can help with and get the £30 a month payback. The way I see it is if I'm bored or not busy I come online to see if I can help as when I have needed help members have done just that for me so the extra payback is a bonus for something I think most people actually enjoy helping there fellow giffgaffers :-)
Love helping out! Maybe the bands should increase?

I agree with you, and i believe that there should not be a cap on the amount of Payback one should receive.


The gg community spend hours, days, months and years on here helping the customers of giffgaff, making sure they are happy and that there problems are resolved.


I remember when giffgaff first began, there was no television adverts, unlimited internet on goodybags, I hope giffgaff don't carry on doing stuff like this.


Whats next giffgaff?

Since there are proposals for changing the formula for awarding payback next year which may achieve this, I think it may be best to wait and see what happens before considering something like this.


In any case, I wouldn't support anything that might encourage members to post simply in an attempt to get more payback. Offering more money is not the way to encourage better quality posts.

I agree, some giffgaff users do work too hard in the community and deserve more, however £30 is still a nice pay out. I'm happy with it. Thank you for sharing your idea with the community. thank you Smiley Happy
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@blackfive460 Where did you hear this?