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Personal goodybags! (beneficialbags)

Personal goodybags! (beneficialbags)

As we all know there are allready goodybags.....But how can we make them BETTERBAGS...well how about a customizable goodybag you choose how many minutes how many texts you choose your features and at the the end it calculates it and works out how much it will cost you in total! this would be ideal for people who arent really into texting (you ever get that really strange text from your grandparents where you can tell they just dont text much!) so you could just pay for minutes and just make it more beneficial and more personal to you!


i thought you would have learnt to search by now?

I ate the FAQ
Full of ideas aren't you, but I would search before writing the first thing which comes to your idea box.

i like the idea!

please just think and relax for a while i know youre new but for the love of pete!

Can you help us by suggesting what would actually motivate new users to search for duplicates before posting? I know I have also posted the odd duplicate. This one just keeps on coming back. It gets a firm NO each time.
10 'new ideas' yesterday, even I didn't post that many in my prime.
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Hi guys, I've spoken to Emmy about duplicates in private, that's my job, she's apologised - please be the supportive, nice community members I know you to be, Kind regards, Hazel.
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@emmy Hey, If you need help searching Smiley Happy you can always pm meSmiley Happy And i will tell you if it is a duplicate or not Smiley Happy Or you can pm me and we can think of a new idea together Smiley Happy Or even Pm me just for a chat. ThanksSmiley Happy