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by leighcoulson on ‎28-01-2012 21:57
I think GG should sell mobiles to order offline instead them being sim only
by mitchell2010
on ‎28-01-2012 21:58
Please search before posting ideas, this is a dublicate, thankyou :-)
by leighcoulson
on ‎28-01-2012 21:59
Ok mate Smiley Happy
by jflinchy
on ‎28-01-2012 21:59

There is probably no chance of this ever happening. The idea behind GG is to be an affordable alternative to expensive/lengthy contracts. And they do this by being a SIM-only PAYG service, with the option of opting for a one-month rolling GoodyBag, with no commitment.


Selling mobile phones is not a service that will benifit GG.

by andreww
on ‎28-01-2012 21:59
by scholar phil8715 scholar
on ‎28-01-2012 21:59

It will never happen.

by drlatheef
on ‎28-01-2012 22:00

Quickest duplication ever? 2 minutes!

by andreww
on ‎28-01-2012 22:01
by ibraheemjaved19
on ‎28-01-2012 22:01
Search before you post
by leighcoulson
on ‎28-01-2012 22:31
Ok Smiley Happy

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