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Provisioning unused SIMs as replacement SIMs

Provisioning unused SIMs as replacement SIMs

If a customer needing a replacement SIM, as in lost/stolen/broken etc, already has a spare SIM then giffgaff could provision that unused SIM to replace the missing lost broken one.


That way the customer does not have to wait 10 days for a replacement to arrive through the post.


Other providers do this over the phone.  The customer needs only to give the agent the SIM number and code and giffgaff will know if the customer was sent that SIM. The agent can request the Tech Team to update the database.   All this could be done within hours of the request being submitted to the agent.


When that status of the SIM changes from unused to replacement then the pay back on a SIM used for replacement is cancelled.


This would improve the service to customers.





EDIT = Also would be a great way to distribute NANO SIMs as it would minimise down time for existing iPhone users.

Yah sounds good
I agree with you and given you kudos but something makes me think this has been mentioned before. did you do a search before posting

It's already been suggested before ( however I have supported this idea since it's a good one Smiley Happy


Hi bitgeek,


Well found:


Status: Not for us

Sorry, this is not suitable. We already have a system in place that works well. To change this would cost money which we feel would be better spent in other areas, considering this functionality isn't used very often.
This response is a fob off.
The database has to be edited to change the details to the replacement SIM irrespective of whether that SIM is in the warehouse and will need posting or if it is in the possession of the customer and saves the cost and time of postage.
Looks like I have brought the giffgaff horse to water again so lets see if it has the sense to drink this timeSmiley Happy
good idea. it is totally nonsensical refusing to provision an existing sim in your possesion
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Whilst theoretically a duplicate, the business was in a very different place in May 2010 with much fewer requests for replacement sims.

So rather than effectively close the idea down prematurely, I'm tempted to see how the discussion develops - as some ideas should quite legitimately be looked at again, further along the business's evolution Smiley Happy.

Good luck with it Smiley Happy

To change details on to another sim is very easy, but giffgaff are not keen to do this at the moment, as easy is not the giffgaff way.

They would have to dealwith the issues arising from referral SIMs earning points etc. I support the idea in theory.

Hi Richard ....


I wasn't here when the link that bitgeek posted was turned down by gg - but I would have definately supported it.


Vincent said requesting a replacement sim didn't happen very often at the time ..... nowadays, the forums are full of people asking for this very thing.

As a result I'll add my support to this one happily - great idea!!


It makes far more sense to simply pick up a spare sim and quote the serial number to an agent for them to activate it on your account in minutes, rather than have them link one to your acount then post it out which can take days (during which time you are without an active sim on your account as a result of reporting) - and then you still have to activate it once you receive it.


The only thing that would cause any issue at all would be the £5.00 mgm bonus - that would need to be cancelled. Now whether that is needed to be done before or after being placed on your account .. - that's where another question is posed....


Good Luck with this ... I like it Smiley Wink


Hi ripproper and oldyorkie,


Well hopefully when giffgaff update the status of the unused SIM to a replacement SIM they could also cancel the payback on it as part of that processSmiley Happy