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by tomluscombe on ‎16-07-2011 22:21

GiffGaff is on the forefront of a Revolution in how modern Communication Business is done.. GiffGaff also promotes the freedom to use your mobile for what you want. But by blocking tethering (which is now included by O2 as standard across All simplicity and standard tarrifs) goes against everything they stand for. 


If you agree with me, comment. This is the point of GiffGaff.


I know there is lots of Messages relating to this, but nothings been done. 



Were not really getting Unlimited internet, untill this is achived.


If it costs more, we will pay for it ... Just give us the choice. 







by andreww
on ‎16-07-2011 23:14
Tom, I get your point, honest Smiley Happy However at the risk of repeating myself again, this idea is a duplicate Smiley Wink
by ganjababy
on ‎16-07-2011 23:14

In my opinion most people who want to use the Internet "seriously" would not be remotely interested in tethering, if you want to surf the Internet at 56k modem speeds, then good luck to you. But I can hazard a guess that  most people have "real" Internet connections and are on the giffgaff network for all the right reasons, like cheap calls and text and "mobile" data.

by tomluscombe
on ‎16-07-2011 23:17

PS: I Really dont care about the duplicate thing...


I care that people feel they like to moderate other peoples ideas...

Giffgaff does not have moderators they endorse educators.. So dont moderate what is said.


I appreciate people  like andreww trying to streamline and guide the process, but as was said:


" But, objectively, is this a new idea that has never been posted before? No. In that case it will get marked as a duplicate" 


Why should this point be raised. Let the converstaion flow without comments that point out the obvious.


(nb. i like sparking debate, i have no qualms with anyone)







by navi51
on ‎16-07-2011 23:17
Dont understand the demand for gg tethering when there is any number of other options dongles etc available. Surely gg is unlimited because of the perception that phones cannot use too much data generally.
by andreww
on ‎16-07-2011 23:21
Tom, I only raised why I'd marked it as a duplicate in response to you saying "Wow So Much for "giffgaff is designed to be the first mobile network "run by you" Cut some slack, Lots of new people here including me. So whats the Point of Logging my post as "duplicate" At least allow people to see it first." Had you had not asked the question, noone would have said a word about that aspect Smiley Very Happy
by yuwa
on ‎16-07-2011 23:23

maybe include tethering at an extra cost of £5 a month

by marvel andy0 marvel
on ‎16-07-2011 23:33

the point of marking the thread as s duplicate is not to suppress the discussion, but to point to where it has been said before, so that those people interested in the subject, as well as the staff eventually making and declaring the decisions, can have one place to refer to rather than many

by davidoff59
on ‎16-07-2011 23:37

Can someone tell the OP what happened to the 20 pound goodybag, and why it was removed please. The exact same thing will happen with tethering, spoiling the giffgaff experience for everyone.


There are still gremlins with the internet at the moment. Putting even more pressure on that system would lead to chaos. People have already moved else where and some are using 3 waiting for giffgaff to fix the gremlins. With tethering allowed, there would be an exodus of people as there is no way the system could cope in its current state with a high probability that calls and texts would also be adversely affected.

by samuelllll
on ‎18-07-2011 00:00


by eadle
on ‎20-07-2011 19:27

TETHERING BAN is there to stop people abusing the system and removing the ban would not be helpful for giffgaff


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