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Remove 081 and 089

Remove 081 and 089

The price list shows a call price for 081 and 089 numbers. These numbers do not exist.


These were normal geographic area codes before 1995 and have remained completely unused since then.


Please delete the 081 and 089 entries from the price list and from anywhere else they are mentioned.



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Im sure giffgaff wont object to doing this if that's correct


Yes. They don't exist. See page 12.


The complete amended call price list would look something like this image.



Thanks @ian011 !


Please mention this in:





former giff-staffer

Hey folks,

Sorry about this being moved to Tips, I'll look into this,

However I've moved it to Contribute instead of Ideas. Ideas works chronologically, so this would be insta-buried in Ideas and unlikely gain much more support. However more importantly, something like this does not need 20 Kudos to be implemented.

I'll raise the change requests for it now, and thanks for bringing it to our attention Smiley Happy

Kind regards,


Edit: They've now been raised and should be changed in the next front end release. 

former giff-staffer
Status changed to: Implemented