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Remove the "I know where you live rank "

Remove the "I know where you live rank "

Hi everyone after an idea i had about changing some on the odd named ranks and after  a full discussion about this the members came up with 4/5 that would be better off changing but we agreed it would be better to do one rank at a time ,

Discussion thread link

Credit to  @mathew40 for contribution and bringing up his issue with the rank



So i have started with this rank " I know where you live "

One of our members @mathew40  experienced this

 He recieved a private message from a worried member,who wanted to know why he  posted," I know where you live " at the bottom of my post,and as this member was not aware of giffgaff's ranks he was really pretty worried

So i think this rank should be replaced with something more suitable as although the majority of members understand the ranks are a bit of fun it could be worrying to others this could be done by giffgaff pretty easily i would think


if you agree please support this idea


This has been mentioned before. U should find the previous posts about this and kudos those
Wow, rank should be re named
I boldly went...


yes i posted the idea but it was moved to discussion to be debated by the community

and its now ready to be relooked about again

Einstein a go-go

 Hi Kathleen ,


As dicussed in the other thread there are a few rank names that could lets say be improved ( modified )  , 


And as I said in that thread ..... "  My own thoughts are that it's this particular rank  ( more than any other ) that needs to be changed due to the significance of the wrong message ( connotations ) that it gives to anyone not familiar with the giffgaff way of doing / expressing things "  .... 


So ..... Idea supported ........ Smiley Happy

Agree wholehearted with this idea, and @brulaw's comment as well.

A no-brainer if ever there was one.



As I mentioned in the "other" thread, I only agree with this one change, so supported.




Totally agree with @brulaw.

whatever I said...

You've certainly got my support on this one @kathleen414 It's not a rank I want.

I've also got to agree with @brulaw 's sentiments on this.

ace of spades
@kathleen414 As on the other thread I would support a change for this rank and a few others that can sound a little them and us .. When we are all the same Ie "I am right" But as you have done what the community members wtd It's a yes for me on this idea