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Replacement SIM

Replacement SIM

it seems from spending a lot of time on the help board that a lot of people who are losing SIMs and ordering replacement SIMs are recieving the replacement SIMs barred. They dont realise then and go on to activate it and top-up. They realise they cant make calls or txts and not knowing why this is happening the go onto the help board and seek an answer. Would it not make sense to send replacement SIMs unbarred. Maybe i'm missing the reason why the replacement SIMs come barred but if there is some security or privacy issue then they should at least be informed that:   'Upon arrival of your sim, before topping up, make sure to ask an agent to unbarr it.' Or then they buy a goodybag get frustrated that they can't use their free minutes and calls as its getting closer to the expiry date and then maybe the agent is able to give them back a few days of the goodybag but it will just add another thing for the agents to do on top of the pile of work they already seem to be drowning in.

Hope you see sense in my idea!!!

thnx for reading!!!!!!!!

Excellent suggestion, I'm in exactly this position and have been waiting more than 2 weeks for an agent to unbar my replacement SIM. There is already security built in through the activation process so why also send replacement SIMs barred and why not explain with the sim that it is barred. There must be a way to optimise this to take the load off agents and avoid frustrations like I'm facing.
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If it falls into the wrong hands they cant activate it anyway without knowing the account name and password. So i agree they dont need the extra security bar on them. That just gets peoples backs up Smiley Happy
This will help lessen the load of the agents and also less angry giffgaffers
I agree with welshdragon92, but there needs to be some sort of security bar, as after all, the sim has been reported stolen at worst. Would you like your sim stolen again without a security bar and having your money spent? Thouht notg
my partner is still waiting for hers and she ordered the replacement iat the end of sept..... yet she is still awaiting it's arrival. I've just come back to gg has its defiantly the cheapest network and proper value to families. Bet you lot won't lose your mobiles again!!!!!

thanx for all your support for my idea guys!!!!!!!!!!!!Smiley Very Happy


just to  clarify, what i think happens is that when you activate a replacement sim, the security bar should automatically lift. however in some cases (and it does seem more frequent at the moment), this doesnt happen, and so the user has to raise a case with an agent and get them to investigate and remove the security bar.


its not a case of an extra security bar, but rather the system not working properly. no-one should need to contact an agent, but unfortunately giffgaff's systems are...well..giffgaff

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A replacement sim bar comes off automatically when you activate the sim - this sometimes doesn't happen but is supposed to.

I did have this problem once. SIM card arrived swiftly. Just 3 days but it took 2 weeks for me to get number back in use. Probably missed a ton of texts and calls. I do think though that people could opt in for an 'emergency SIM' where when someone signs up they can tick a check box to include a emergency SIM. Or available after the user has registered. This means when u lose your phone you could use the emrgency SIM in a different handset once the original has been block. simple


hiya i have a another account and i cannot get to it, as i have a replacement sim to activate and it nots letting me get into it because i have forget my user name and password.. i requested for a password change to my email accout and it says i have too acounts on the same email adress, i tryed putting in my phone number and its still not working? help please im so confused Smiley Sad i cannot acess my user name or password and need to replacement sim activated asapp??? thanks x