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SIM account - SIM bar status information

Status: Not For Us
by giffgaff; ergo sum bertiebat ‎07-07-2011 22:24 - edited ‎08-07-2011 01:03

A simple idea really, but can we access the SIM bar statuses.


This could either be displayed online within the account details or by dialling a short code and getting a response as to which bars are set (either on or off).  Both would be good. Smiley Happy


The bars I'm referring to are:


Over 18,



Data roaming (when it comes in that is Smiley Wink)


Think that's it really Smiley Very Happy 


Edit: changed title slightly to be clearer.

Status: Not For Us
Hey Folks, so we have decided not to go with this Idea. The Under 18 bar is always on, with every new sim - and to anyone who receives a data bar, we'd rather focus our efforts on improving the member experience for others rather than those who have broken our T&Cs, hope this helps!
by trudiw
on ‎07-07-2011 22:26
I'm sure it would be useful if it's possible for giffgaff to do this Smiley Happy
by aandms
on ‎07-07-2011 22:28
the roaming bar will only be on if you have requested it to be, this could be made clearer to newbies
by giffgaff; ergo sum bertiebat
‎07-07-2011 22:31 - edited ‎07-07-2011 22:35

@aandms, yes it was actually a post asking about the roaming bar that prompted this idea.  


The boards quite often have posts and we just have to guess that a particular bar might be in place.  This would be very helpful in advising whether they REALLY need to contact an agent to get a possible bar removed or whether it might be another issue entirely.  

by marta77
on ‎07-07-2011 22:33

also the 18+ bar will only get removed if you show them your over 18 so doubt you will have that option, also this is a duplicate has been suggested before

by 1992chris
on ‎07-07-2011 22:33

really like this! i think there should be a mini-tab (or whatever you call them) in my giffgaff called like Sim bars or something really like though !

by giffgaff; ergo sum bertiebat
on ‎07-07-2011 22:40

@marta77, I was not suggesting being able to remove the bar, just for it to be displayed.  It is not a duplicate (and nobody has suggested that as far as I know?).  The other idea I included into the idea, I simply referenced to make it clear it was not the same and therefore not a duplicate.  I might even removed it if it's confusing people.

by ed33
on ‎07-07-2011 22:49

I haven't seen anything like this so far. Good idea!

by rong42
on ‎08-07-2011 11:58

i completely agree with the idea, and it stirred a vague memory in me. im not suggesting this is a duplicate idea, but I seem to remember reading something similar before, I think in the gg FAQs.or perhaps reading that gg originally intended to do this, but have never got around to it?


i had a quick search of the FAQs and found the following:








i could be getting confused here, but these seem to say that you should be able to do what you suggest already? i know the FAQs are not entirely reliable, but i would have thought someone must have approved the information to be up there in the first place

by reecehaigh
on ‎08-07-2011 13:11

I remember reading on another post about changing the main dashboard to hide the tabs and things so maybe if this ever happens then this may be a new box on the dash which you can open or minimize. 

by wcssj
on ‎08-07-2011 13:47

It's worth pointing out that this would save the giffgaff agents some work too, as there is a steady stream of problems posted where one of these bars is a suspect but the agents then have to be asked (and waited upon) before the problem can be solved.


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