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SIM expiry and loss of credit - £1/month 'stay alive' Direct Debit

SIM expiry and loss of credit - £1/month 'stay alive' Direct Debit

I appreciate that Giffgaff rules make it very clear what will happen if you don't make or receive a call or text for 6 months - your SIM dies and you lose any remaining credit.



If you do not make or receive a call or SMS at least once in any 6 month period your SIM Card will be disconnected and you will lose any remaining credits balance on your Account. If you wish to be re-connected after this time you will be given a new mobile phone number.

With that in mind, Giffgaff is unsuitable for the emergency 'put it in the glovebox and forget it until/unless it's needed' phone* (because a Giffgaff phone would not work - in fact it'd be dead and its number gone - if 6 months had passed since it was last used)


* I have an old basic Nokia with a PAYG SIM in my car and so does the GL.

I think it's time to re-think that draconian procedure - not least because CW appear to be making a clever attempt to grab that sort of 'occasional user' market with their new £1/month contract (25 any UK network minutes and 50 texts included).  Hence, for £12 per annum, a user can have an operational emergency phone and associated peace of mind.

I do not know why it is necessary to kill an in-credit Giffgaff SIM and grab back the number just because no calls/texts have been made/received but, assuming that some reason exists, my suggestion is for Giffgaff to match CW's clever new contract by allowing £1/month account top-ups by Direct Debit to keep a SIM alive.


Yes, an unused phone would gain £12 credit in the course of a year but it can be assumed that would be of no concern to the owner and of enough benefit to Giffgaff to allow the SIM an extended life-span.

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I think this is a  fantastic idea,   I came here to suggest something very similar,   perhaps it could be a pound a  month or 10 pounds for 12 months ?  and you could put it on auto recurr ? 


I have a couple of novel numbers which I want to keep for a couple of years until the kids are old enough to have mobile phones,  currently I'm sending them a txt every couple of months,  but if iI forget,  I'll loose the numbers which will be a shame,  surely this is a win/win ??? 


giffgaff get a small amount of money to hold phone numbers,  and give an allowance of say 15-20 mins per month (most of which won't be used),   but would also be an idea for kids to have this sort of sim for occasional use,  for those using below the smallest goody bag. 


The key thing to me is that while you're paying a pound a month or whatever,  that the sims don't time our regardless of whether you use the numbers or not. 


Great idea,  hope you implement it, 


Cheers G



Isn't it all PAYG that have a cut off of around 6 months? It would be annoying if you've got credit on it but it's a long enough period that you can use it for 5 minutes to gain a further 6 months.

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Virgin do disconnect your sim if not used within 365 days and you will lose your credit its happened twice to mother in law aged 90 i've just moved her to gifgaff