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SIM gg contacts - include *100*7#

SIM gg contacts - include *100*7#

Simple idea but can giffgaff make a change to the contacts that are pre-loaded on the SIM and include the goodybag balance short code  *100*7# .  For new customers it would also highlight this useful facility exists 


Current contacts

gg get balance - *100# 

gg top-up        - 43430

gg voicemail    - 443

giffgaff calling   - +447709195773


I propose that the 'giffgaff calling' contact is simply removed (it's never used to my knowledge and when dialled it comes up with a 'this number is not recognised' message).   I just think it's misleading and confusing to have it as a contact.

This then leaves a vacant slot for the goodybag balance to be included.


Proposed contacts:

gg credit bal    - *100# 

gg gdybag bal - *100*7# (or goodybag bal but that might be too long)

gg top-up        - 43430

gg voicemail    - 443


Further Proposals to contacts:

Edited: Andy0 has commented that it would be useful to allow the pre-loaded contacts in future SIMs to be amendable which would then allow further useful contacts to be included (the user can then remove or change the ones they don't want if required).  This would allow the inclusion of gg to gg expiry   - *100*1#  and maybe *100*5# codes and any further one that may be created in the future. Smiley Happy

So simple idea and I'm really surprised this hasn't been suggested before. Smiley Happy

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Just save to your contacts yourself if you need that number
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@giffgaff_1 well yes of course you can do that but for new people using the system this would be worth having as an existing contact already pre-programmed.  


They wouldn't then have to find out that there is such a number to do this in the first place so I really think it is a more friendly way of doing things. Smiley Happy

Simple ones r the best ones And gets my kudo as its very handy Smiley Happy
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@giffstaff no that's not the same idea as that was requesting that the giffgaff phone number was copied onto the SIM as a contact.


This is simply a change to the pre-programmed standard numbers which are referred to in giffgaff's reply. Smiley Happy

well you get my support bertiebat! kudos for you Smiley Wink

I ate the FAQ

Cheers solid247 and ryaneberry Smiley Very Happy


sounds like a good idea.

Im not to sure about it been duplicate as that idea was marked as duplicate by darran on the grounds that the proposed idea already had the balance included on the sim Khairul makes this point further down the post that the balance number was not included But unfortunatly ignored as it was already maked as a duplicated So im saying this is a original idea
giffgaff head-scratcher
The idea referred to was marked duplicate in good faith as it was talking about balance and other options that already existed rather than increasing the number of options available. As pointed out by andy0 the sims are protected on those sim slots, so it might not be possible to reprogram over the air and could result in a need to reissue sim cards, so this idea could only really be applied to new issues cards.