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SIM only mobile broadband

SIM only mobile broadband

I happen to think this would be a great idea. You'd be the only provider to have it and it would mean that people with unlocked dongles could use your network for mobile broadband.


It could be totally pay as you go, and it would mean you would be able to make sure you were earning a profit for people using their giffgaff service primarily for mobile broadband.


EDIT 25/3/2011: Haven't heard much from giffgaff lately on this one, but I'm still very much in favour of this idea coming into play Smiley Happy


yeah that does sound handy. I would probably get one!

The iPad is a market giffgaff should look at. The big MNOs all offer an iPad specific micro SIM, despite not selling the iPad themselves. Big opportunity for giffgaff to address another niche segment of the mobile market. Micro SIMs for both the iPhone & iPad would help to defray the cost of providing another type of SIM. If I took a micro SIM I'd be happy to pay a small amount as a contribution towards the cost of providing it.


Sounds a good idea, but I think that it would cost the network quite a bit to implement.  Maybe if Giffgaff could stike a deal with 02 where we could get an 02 dongle and pay x amount a month, but like 02 do with their Home Broadband whereas if you are an 02 customer you get a discount


Yes I live in a rural area and  they only got broadband phone line`s a few years ago still no cable and  I know a lot of people are on dongles there is no wifi hotspots under 10-12 miles  around and I live in a town if only by the size of the population lol and as for the new ipad I've seen  you can buy a sim cutter as they take the normal sim just a cut down version as to only take the excess  plastic from around the gold chip but I do think you could clean up  on the market as for me the o2 network that giffgaff uses is the best signal some  other networks  you cant get signal in the house


I hope this idea is still being considered, as I for one would love to have giffgaff on my laptop as well as my phone, because they have been great. And I'm sure they would be even better than all the other operators at this too..

Though I guess the "unlimited" nature of your business might have to change to accommodate the way in which these internet SIMs would be used.

I look forward to any more news with great anticipation.

Fingers Crossed, andy Smiley Happy

Smart phones can use a lot of data, with no FUP once the goodybag has been purchased, the line between phone and PC data use is blurring. It just depends on what you like to stream, or if you just want to occasionally access forums. This is a distinction that will matter far more than whether you are viewing the content on a 10 inch screen or a smart phone I believe.


Giffgaff would sell two sims to people like me, which at the right price, is the most useful way to manage data on the move.


London train commuters need 3g coverage to bear with the long journeys!


I too would love this as an option and even if it were a question of "use sim card 2 for data and you're limited to xMb/month, after that it's off or you buy another 'tethered data' pack"


For me it would be occasional use too, and you could even specify that it is not for use as main broadband solution (e.g. allow tethering but only for away from home).


I'm sure this could be a revenue stream without being a network strain if worked right.  Net neutrality is something that giffgaff could use as a buzz word then too!  Not in the usual web vs voip sense but in the "you can use a pc, mac, htc or iphone to transfer 50Mb of data over 31x24 hours, we don't care about your vendor."


I too would love to see gg with a mobile broadband option!! i am currently on 3 and paying £15 a month for 3gb data and at the minute it doesnt go very far as i am constantly on my laptop. i would be willing to pay a bit more to gg for more data allowance as my gg sim is fantastic and i have recommended gg to all of my friends!!!


i know a few friends who arent yet on gg as they are waiting for their sims to arrive but have also said that they would definately sign up to gg for mobile broadband. i think gg could get a lot of new customers if they were to do this!!


obviously it would be too much to ask for gg to do mobile broadband with an unlimited data allowance but if they could do it with a higher amount of data than their competitors, i would definately sign up!!




I would disagree entirely that most people use Wifi.


Wifi is obviously only an option at home, and at hot spots (which can often be a pain and over priced to access)


So anyone trying to use data on the go - but at a time they can sit down and get a netbook etc out is reliant upon it.


With PAYG it broadens your choice - as if you had a choice of sitting in a McDonalds swarming with children - or having a pub lunch somewhere quiet - even free net access suddenly seems expensive.


"Under Consideration" means "no" in my opinion.

Ideas such as Auto Top-up Goodybags, and Itemised Billing, are meant to be implemented before this will ever be seriously considered. And they are not meant to be due, until Spring 2011.


I think it is time to bite the bullet and accept the inevitable. It isn't going to happen. Smiley Sad


It is a real shame but lets face it, it's true.