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SIM only mobile broadband

SIM only mobile broadband

I happen to think this would be a great idea. You'd be the only provider to have it and it would mean that people with unlocked dongles could use your network for mobile broadband.


It could be totally pay as you go, and it would mean you would be able to make sure you were earning a profit for people using their giffgaff service primarily for mobile broadband.


EDIT 25/3/2011: Haven't heard much from giffgaff lately on this one, but I'm still very much in favour of this idea coming into play Smiley Happy


I think it would be great if giffgaff released a mobile broadband goodybag to run alongside the existing goodybags.


Basically, I could buy my usual goodybag which would provide my unlimited data, and in addition buy a further 'tethering' goodybag (for say £10). This further goodybag would not provide anything other than the option to use my already purchased internet allowance in any way I see fit. If you like, the only thing that the extra £10 would do would be to override the T&Cs re internet use.


In my case, giffgaff would then be getting £20pm instead of the usual £10, and this would be much cheaper than having to get my mobile broadband elsewhere which is currently the case.

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Status changed to: Under Consideration
We're still looking into this and this is becomming more urgent for us as the date that the free data offer is stopping is coming close. So more on this in say 2 Months.

Excellent, I look forward to hearing more Smiley Happy


Where did this sudden change of heart come from? Smiley Happy


I do hope this gets through all the adjudicators quickly.

It could be a brilliant addition to a 3G netbook, or perhaps an iPad.


Fingers Crossed, Andy


P.S. Yeah, I know. How fickle I am. Smiley Happy

Only a few comments ago I was adamant it wasn't going to happen. Now I can't wait when it does.


I have a very unreliable home broadband connection, so mobile broadband would be a handy back-up. The only problem being I have to sit at the top of the garden or on the roof to get a signal LOL!


A PAYG mobile broadband deal would be good for extra payback as well!


Look forward to seeing how this pans out!


I could have sworn that giffgaff ruled it out outright...


giffgaff didn't rule it out completely - they said several months ago it was a possibility they would look at, but it wasn't going to appear soon


You could test the waters now with a small batch specifically for this purpose, purely as a trial, at least then you'll have a better idea of market expectations, demand and usage. You'll also be able to monitor accordingly the small batch and then reassess as to whether it's feasible and how much consideration you really should be giving it.


A PAYG BB sim would be a great idea