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Scheduled or timed texts that actually send the message

Scheduled or timed texts that actually send the message

Hi newby to the forum here - I used to have this great free app (jailbreak days) that enabled you to schedule text messages i.e actually get your phone to automatically send them on your behalf when you wanted. Miss this app so much as it was great for birthdays or sending those early morning texts when you are actually asleep. This is something I think giff gaffers would benefit from.
That would be good... It's an app we need

Hi @iceyb5uk - and welcome to the forum.


The facility you describe sounds handy but not sure it is an idea for giffgaff though - aren't there already plenty of SMS scheduler apps available for Android and iOS?

I'm not sure what's available for iPhone but there are quite a few Android apps to do this.

Of course the problem with this is that sending a text doesn't guarantee it will arrive in a timely manner. I've seen delays of over 5 hours recently!

Thanks guys - cim kingpin I have an iphone, what I've found it that the apps out there at the moment seem to just set a reminder for you to send the message rather than automatically sending it at the scheduled time, they seem to still require you to click send. Maybe it's time to go to android.
Hi I use android on a Samsung Note 2 and there is such a feature. Enter messaging as if you're about to text a contact. Before you do press the menu button and scroll down until you see the Scheduling option. Select that, choose your date and time and press set. Enter your message and send. It will appear grey with the scheduled time underneath. As a giffgaffer', you can even send yourself a quick and simple free reminder.
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