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Screencasts on Youtube to help the community

Screencasts on Youtube to help the community



I suggest that a repository of screencasts to help our community out to sort out problems should be created. I just did one on a post today and I think it helps.


Check the post out

really good idea, i like the sound of it
Einstein a go-go

Yes, then repetition of problems can be easily dealt with!

Pod casts and utube Vids sounds cool to me. Not sure if it has been surgursted before tho.

Why not just implement it yourself rather than suggest it as an idea that giffgaff do.  SOme people seem to miss the whole point of giffgaff.


Its built by its members, if you want something like this and feel its useful don't ask the man at the top if he can do it, just do it yourself.  THis isnt an idea it should be posted under Contribute: Innovation, Promotion and Improvements

I ate the FAQ
Status changed to: Idea Vault

Nice guide Smiley Happy however this idea is a duplicate

Members are always welcome to create videos and post them in Contribute or Top Tips :smileyhappy:

I just had a sneaky feeling it had been

Well I was just thinking of a quick placeholder say 'howto' videos on the forum, perhaps could be done through tags, or link to the videos in the official help files, or linking to youtube videos in your .channel.


Giffgaff youtube account won't let the community upload videos isn't it?  We could get the community creating screencasts but how do we collate them all in one place?


But probably your solution is fine as well, was just wondering if there was a more elegant solution.