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Search function in forum.

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Search function in forum.

Although not many people seem to be able to use a search function if my experience of other forums is anything to go by, it would be nice if it was there for the considerate members with an idea for a thread to check out before they post a new topic.


IDK, i just ctrl+f 'search', i didn't find anything. How are people supposed to search? By trawling through pages and pages? Looking at the tags? That's labourious, much easier and quicker to use some sort of search function that finds keywords in posts/thread titles.


I mean, how many threads have been created today about the internet number issue? Forum is begging for a search function.

This is true
There is one on the bottom if useing an iPhone
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A search function exists. See the magnifying glass (towards top right) type your query in the adjacent white space.

So there is, **bleep** i need laser eye surgery.

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Smiley Very Happy Hahaha - no worries - you know where it is now Smiley Wink

Happy searching Smiley Happy
it may not be missing but it is certainly one of the least effective forum search boxes.

it's not ineffective, it's under utilised

it's been hopeless each time I've used it and most of those times has been looking for a thread i know definitely exists Smiley Sad