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Send SMS From "My giffgaff"

Send SMS From "My giffgaff"

Could you implement a feature to send an SMS via a web form from "My giffgaff" or similar please? Some other mobile carriers offer this.


It's just more convenient to send a text with a full keyboard when I'm near a PC. It would be particularly handy if you could stay logged in on a cookie, so you could keep the web form bookmarked without having to type a password. It would also need a phone book feature for frequently used numbers to be useful.


Would be even better if it was a fraction cheaper since you don't have to accept the message from the network :-)



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I could have sworn that this had been suggested already... but I can't seem to find the post so maybe I imagined it!  Maybe someone else will find it.


I think having an alternate rate may be confusing (plus it's only 4p!), so maybe there could be a cap of 25 free per month or something?




I did have a look too but couldn't see another similar suggestion. I found one about e-mail to SMS but it's not quite the same as what I am looking for.


Yes I know it's only 4p, but less is always better ;-) Yes a few free ones a month could be a good way of effectively giving a discount for sending from the web. I think O2 did that for a while (or maybe still do).


Thanks for the kudos point.


plarkster, I believe this is the post you were thinking of? Smiley Happy


Thanks nixgeek, yeah that must have been it and there's another thread linked there too.

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That would be fantastic, its very fiddly writing long messages on an iphone! Smiley Happy




Im sure there are many options using your PC connected to your phone to send messages.


I use wammu on Ubuntu.


Just remember, do not use it to automatically send messages, this is against T&C.

If cardboard fish can do this with no problems I see no reason why Giff GAff can't provide a wb based free sms system. It would improve both customer loyalty and boost take up too!