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Simple Fix to Abolish iPhone Streaming Problems

Simple Fix to Abolish iPhone Streaming Problems

A guide to fix this problem is detailed here:




When a new giffgaff SIM is put in an iPhone, a text is automatically sent to that phone with the internet settings for iPhone. The same text is sent if you text SETTINGS to 2020 on an iPhone. This text links you to a configuration profile that sets up your iPhone for giffgaff internet. However, the profile linked to in the text is Unsigned, meaning that some apps such as YouTube, SkyGo, Veetle etc may well not work because they can't connect to the profile. The problem has also been noted in Whatsapp.




Change the link provided in the text to a link to a Signed internet configuration profile. This will abolish (hopefully) the streaming problems and as a bonus, the settings are more likely to stick when updating the phone if it is a signed profile. I have uploaded an example signed profile to my DropBox (courtesy of UnlockIT) which could be used in the text instead:




This idea should be easy to implement. All that needs to be done is for giffgaff to change the standard settings text for iPhones to include a link to a signed profile like my example above and that's it!




Please give kudos if you think this is a good idea - it will help it to be considered by giffgaff.

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It's important for any moderators reading this to know that this is not a duplicate of the ultimate fix which is to provide an official carrier settings file which will make everything automatically work as soon as you insert the SIM. Unfortunately this fix requires support from both O2 and Apple and apparently Apple is not forthcoming in that support.


This is a much simpler fix that'll address the key issue with data. It's worth considering independently of the other suggestions.

Can't giffgaff giffgaff become an official apple network?
@liamwli AFAIK apple only offers this privilege to networks which offer the iPhone as part of a set contract.
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I've emailed the guy who made the site where you got the link from @ wman2 , to see if he could alter the mms settings to the correct ones.
tried making a download file here

think you need a pc to make it though
Thanks sloz but yes you need to shift click restore in iTunes and choose the ipcc file to install so it is not a particularly convenient alternative
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Yay thanks for the heads up u_g Smiley Happy

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you support wman2
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Looking at this page It seems to have the correct mms apn and username in. Maybe it just resets to and vertigo automatically when it's installed and the correct settings can't in fact be insalled