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Simplify Community page with graphic interface

Simplify Community page with graphic interface

This may not be a big deal but I find that most pages on the giffgaff website follow a clean graphical look apart from the community page. I have done a mock up of a possible solution.


It looks great highlandpanther 👍😃
Good idea, and great design!
head honcho

Very good idea, really like it Smiley Happy

giffgaff; ergo sum

This looks realy good, kudos to you.

giffgaff head-scratcher
Whilst it is clean and attractive, it is less functional as you don't see the recent topics or posts, and in addition, the community pages are not actually standard web pages, but are components within the lithium software, which wouldn't offer the customisation required to deliver this
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Very nice  , good work ,  sometimes it's the more simple things that work best .Smiley Happy

It's a great mockup but darrenpainter has raised a very interesting point which has to be taken into consideration. A rebuttle is - how useful is the 'last posted' and 'latest topic'?
That's a great idea it really simple and easy to understand Smiley Happy
giffgaff head-scratcher
The community serves two groups. The people who just come looking for info or help, which this would suit, and the people who provide help who use the recent posts to track fresh help requests. So a possible option would be to specify your preference I.e basic view or advanced view maybe.
This is a potential link for duplicators. Just found this idea that as7861 has posted which closely resembles the OP's idea in this thread.