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Simplify Community page with graphic interface

Simplify Community page with graphic interface

This may not be a big deal but I find that most pages on the giffgaff website follow a clean graphical look apart from the community page. I have done a mock up of a possible solution.



Anyone who feels strongly about this could look into finding someone who can design that page with shortcut links to the relevant giffgaff boards and then host it somewhere.


Although there is a point that smartphone users might like the buttons or icons look, it's also true that images use a lot more data than text, and the mobile version of the giffgaff forum is more minimalist than the main.


Sounds really really cool but I guess the ppint mae by giffgaff makes sense. Though i have to say, I don't think newbies would be confused for long by it, they'd soon get used to it surely?


Personally, I prefer this design to the current community page. I don't think it looks confusing at all...

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Status changed to: Not For Us
06/05/2012 Hi - this idea is still Not Suitable for us but would be subject to review if the members give this more support of another 50 Kudos "We feel that this reduces some of the features of the current layout. Although aesthetically pleasing, we don't want to confuse members by switching styles to the message boards when they click on any of these buttons." - (81)
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I love the look of this idea, it looks very clear and ordered yet appealing which is great! I don't think it would cause issues or confusion with navigation or usability of the community as it looks very simple to use and provides everything people need as well as ummary images of each board