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Slight change to emails from giffgaff?

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Slight change to emails from giffgaff?

I have multiple accounts on giffgaff, to allow for my dongle.


Now, when giffgaff send me an email, I can never tell what account it is for! My username is not on it at all. I think that giffgaff should put the username of the member the email is being sent to on the email somewhere.


Here is an example of an email I recieved the other day:


GG Email


The only mention of my username is in my affiliate link (which I have edited out). It was in the white gap near the very bottom, and it isn't as easy for newer customers to get the username from the affilliate link.


So, I think that the username of the recipient user should be included in the email. Not a bad idea I think Smiley Wink


Please kudo if you agree!



I posted an idea about changing this, which I think was marked duplicate I'll try find it

God, they need to fix the search (or I need to learn to use it properly).


Surprised the name isn't already on them what with giffgaff trying to be a friend network.

I do wonder that myself clearbluesky