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Smaller SIM Packaging

Smaller SIM Packaging

As part of giffgaff’s ethos of being environmentally friendly, I feel that the idea to change how we look at our SIM packaging is required. My focus in this idea is the plastic SIM holder users receive to show the activation code, and then house the SIM.


What can be done?

It’s simple, this extra space is not needed at all, and we could shrink the plastic holder by half and still have sufficient space needed for the plastic holder to serve its purpose. Shrinking this would make things different; only one other network orange has done this, as you will see with the image below:


orange sim.png


What would this mean for giffgaff?

  • Half the amount of waste
  • Would make the company more sustainable, and a much greener business
  • Would expand on giffgaff’s ethos of being green, and efficient
  • Would reduce the weight of SIM packages
  • Enable giffgaff to ship more SIMs per envelope
  • Overall, the production costs would be far less than producing SIM cases double the size.

If we was to reduce the Size of the SIM package, it would indeed save giffgaff money, I also think that it adds a more unique approach on how things are looked at. Obviously giffgaff are extraordinary, they’re different, so to see this change would most certainly show the idea of this.


Size does matter – And using the smaller SIM cases would overall reduce costs. The only issue as it stands is the number of batches of the original size we have. This isn’t much of a problem, as they’ve already done the damage, giffgaff have paid for this, if the idea was to be implemented, we could see this happen when the old batches have all gone.


Looking at the scale of the issue, more than 2.9 billion SIM cards weighing 11,600 tonnes were shipped to mobile operators across the globe in 2008* – Giffgaff could change this. Orange have already started the process, and have received recognition for doing such thing.


I have gone and got an Orange reduced SIM holder, and taken a photo in comparison to giffgaff's below:



*Statistics taken from:


Kudo this idea if you like it, I think this change would be great, and save giffgaff more money.






Like the idea! However, I like the credit card size, as I keep SIMs in my wallet Incase someone wants a SIM.


Hi Hazel,


Thanks for the update - This is good news! Please do keep me updated Smiley Happy

I actually have a phone that needs a full size SIM (yes the 56*85 mm one!) And so reducing the size would not work for me, BUT you can get adaptors for pence on auction sites, or get a free SIM from another network and use the holder. So reducing the size would be OK, but then, it requires new tooling to be set up, and that will cause delays for people who order SIMs during that period, and extra cost for giffgaff. Also, most of the people I give sims to, like to have the full-size card to put into their wallets

new idea has come in recently to stop sending cheeky sims to save on plastic!

i think the cheeky sim idea is great but i do think that it is a waste of plastic so this idea of a smaller sim plastic is a great idea - full support from me Smiley Happy


why not for the main sims ?



How about if Giffgaff ask which SIM size you need.

Just followed a link from a recently accepted idea - trio (3 in 1) sim - which mentioned this and think this is a great idea, hopefully it will get implemented.


this looks pretty good - glad to see it considered




@pcantellow  on 26/04/2013 you say you don't think anyone makes them paper love hearth (those paper love hearts?) - surprise, surprise! I have! the  first attempt was pretty dire, but the second one worked, and I even managed to give a SIM in it to a friend! (not that she seems to have activated it Smiley Sad )