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Split the international call prices and the roaming call prices on to two separate pages

Split the international call prices and the roaming call prices on to two separate pages

This idea comes in several related parts.


Firstly, I understand the call price information when roaming is being revamped because the call price information shown for some parts of Europe is incorrect. That being so, the revamp seems to present a suitable opportunity to split the "international calls" and "roaming prices" information on to two separate pages. Perhaps retain for the international prices and create a new page at for the roaming prices. This will reduce the on-page clutter. Most people are interested in one topic or the other, rarely both at the same time.


Secondly, the Goodybags, Blackberry Goodybags and Gigabags pages each have a common navigation bar along the top of the page. I am now suggesting that a similar "UK Rates", "International Rates" and "Roaming Rates" navigation bar also be added across the top of the respective pages to link them together.


Thirdly, the heading "International SIM Card" seems to suggest that in order to make international calls, a separate or specific type of SIM card is required. This is not the case, but that isn't explained anywhere.



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Yes I agree with your points 1 and 3, and partially with point 2. A single international pricing page with a tab for Calling/Texting Internationally and a tab for Roaming Internationally (ala the goodybag/BlackBerry Plan/gigabag "tabbed" design) would be my preference.


I'm not sure about including the UK rates in a tab on the international pricing page as I feel that perhaps this should belong with the goodybag tabs - so you would have Goodybags/BlackBerry Plans/Gigabags/PAYG & Other UK Rates tabs. Namely all the UK tariffs in one place and all the international tariffs in another.

I agree - more clarity is needed. 👍

It certainly would help to have less clutter but more clarity - perhaps a link on one section to the other - 


I'm not sure about putting UK rates with the bundles -a link, surely, but not exclusively, as that might make

it harder to find them when you want them.


I have already posted an idea about how the UK Call Prices page could link to the goodybags page.


The details are here:


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You have my support. It can be confusing if you don't know where to look. I also agree with @endorphin 's suggestion

I like the idea, it simplifies the design of the site to make the information easier to get to and easier to read through and find what you need. Supported.

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yes good idea Ian, it would make it easier to navigate!