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Splitting Up the Help:Got Stuck? Section

Splitting Up the Help:Got Stuck? Section

Well basically I think the help section of the forum,as amazing as it is, needs splitting up into two (or three) sections to make it easier to use and reduce clutter.

Currently you click on the help section and you get anything and everything that people need help with, which can be very frustrating for someone looking for/to help. 


My idea is to split the help section into sub-sections such as 'giffgaff service' and 'Techincal: My phone isn't working'  so that it is easier to navigate around.

Obviously, better, more relevant names could be used but I think it would make a lot of sense as I often go onto the help section and feel that it would be so much easier (and appealing) if I could pick what I wanted to look at.


A pretty major flaw in this idea (to try and avoid comments on it) is that a lot of issues could come under several areas so it would be hard to choose which one to post in, I think this could be overcome with the right naming of the section or sorting of the issues.


Could be useful, but I forsee a lot of users just posting in the first category they see rather than thinking about it (there's already enough thread moving as it is)


Ah,wman2, that is an excellent point you made there! I cant really think of any way to avoid that to be honest Smiley Tongue I suppose it would benifit the person posting because they could get more relevant responses quicker! Smiley Happy (shouldve put that in my original idea :/ )


You can always use the search function to find solutions to your problems Smiley Wink


good suggestion, a well thought one,

however i feel the giffgaff forum is already crowded with too many sections.. giffgaff should decrease the sections not increase them.. 


It would be very useful to have a separate section for broken phone issues. This could be further split into models/manufacturers (e.g. Nokia, Samsung etc) - good idea!


I've been thinking this too!
It is a bit cluttered at the moment. Sections would encourage more people to help out and seem less intimidating

It could work, though, as wman2 said, lots of people post in the wrong places (I have done it once or twice!). So this could cause more problems than it solves :\

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Right now we are happy with how the forum is laid out - thank you for your idea and I look forward to your future ones Smiley Happy

I had forgotten about this idea to be honest Smiley Tongue I can see some quite split feedback now I've reread it Smiley Very Happy


Definitely should be done