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Stop Kudos'ing On Duplicates/ Unsuitable

Stop Kudos'ing On Duplicates/ Unsuitable

I haven't seen this posted anywhere yet but someone probably has. My idea is to stop the ability of posting Kudos when an idea has been marked Duplicate or Unsuitable. I have seen some ideas with the judos button made unclickable, so I am not completely sure what the case is at the moment...





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We are currently trialing different ways of dealing with this. Smiley Happy A meeting is set to discuss it in the New Year. 


I'd be happy to take any actionable suggestions you have into the meeting. 

Seems good
That would work good

i think that if there is a duplicate idea then the kudos button should be blocked meaning that any further kudos can't be given 

How can u make sure remarks when you have not seen these posts?? Weird Smiley Sad
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maybe auto locking duplicates, don't know about not suitable as their is ideas that are marked as not suitable for not have got enough support.




What would be the reasoning behind locking kudos, what would it achieve?

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for duplicate ideas - people will kudos the link orignal idea.


and the not suitable locking i dnt know really as i am not sure about this being locked Smiley Frustrated


I don't think locking kudos will have that effect, more than likely it'll just infuriate people that are locked out from giving kudos.


The way to get people to give kudos to the original is to make the duplication status more prominent and for goodness sake have the link to the original idea in the standard hyperlink colours and format so people can see it's a link and not just a status.


Freezing Kudos is an action I've seen happen several times this week. Is it effective? Yes. But is it off putting to users? Yes.


This would be more functionality to Lithium, but the way to deal with this is when the idea is marked as a duplicate - Nothing is locked, but the kudos button for the duplicated idea re-routes to the initial idea that isn't a duplicate. Seems a good idea I may post later, but... Only if it gets good feedback here?