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Stop giffgaff accounts

Stop giffgaff accounts

I think that you shoudn't be able to have the word giffgaff in your account name, and this will stop people calling themselves giffgaff and pretending to be staff.

Very simple and will be effective.

What do you think?.


Alternatively, if giffgaff wont do this, at least tell people when they join that only acconts with a gg symbol next to it are official.


totally agree...


giffgaff, staff and anything else that could be seen as official staff such as agent should be banned form normal members...

rocket scientist

giffgaff ahve made accounts like this such as giffgaff team to post this

however whats stopping someone doing what was done last week again. so i think they should ban this use in community names, and anyway why would someone call themselves giffgaff


That giffgaffteam account if official needs to have a gg symbol next to it!


It's very missleading as I would still think it's an un-official account.

rocket scientist


at least its done by giffgaff,a nd not some dodgy persont targeting nebies for their details


But who says its an official account?


The only reason I know it is... Is because the thread mentioned was edited by clairekav


It STILL needs a gg sysmbol next to it regardless



rocket scientist

i know, good point about the symbol

but if they wont stop people aming 'giffgaff' accounts than at least tell people that only accounts with a gg symbol next to it are official


Exactly, A symbol should be the offical stamp of approval.


I do like the idea but I personally was tinkering with the idea of creating an account with the term giffgaff in the user name... Not to confuse people but simply because of branding.. Smiley Wink


I would give you kudos to the idea but this would hinder that route..,If I chose to use go down that road anyway.

rocket scientist

then do it now before it hopefully gets stoppedSmiley Very Happy

and btw are you doing it to get peopels passwordsSmiley Very Happy lol

rocket scientist

Just thought id bump this up, to try and get this 10 kudos so it gets considered.

former giff-staffer
Status changed to: Implemented
This is now in the community guidelines.