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Strike through option on text

Strike through option on text

Not the biggest of ideas but a needed one I feel. There used to be a strike through option on text which seems to have disappeared a while ago and subsequent lithium releases don't seem to have corrected this (so it doesn't seem to be a bug as such).



When you have made a mistake in a reply and want to correct it so as not to cause confusion, the only options now are to delete the reply or change it (which can be misinterpreted as trying to cover up a mistake).



The strike through option is a useful way to show the previous answer has been corrected and allow the correct information to be given.   It should be easy to get it back as it used to be an option.



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Edited to this:

You get 350 inclusive mins on the £10 goodybag

Correction: that's 250 inclusive mins on the £10 goodybag.


PS.  I had to use HTML to get the strike through on this (all credit to stephenmiller on showing me how Smiley Happy)

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Theres a workaround 

Switch to HTML input

Before the word you want to strikethrough type < strike > without the spaces and after type < / strike > again without the spaces


but we shouldn't have to use a workaround for a feature that was taken away...

all they need do is turn it back on.


thanks tho oslingsby

head honcho

I thought that bar had changed, I could just never figure out what when missing.


I have been using an online tool to do my strike-outs.


Same for all my advanced symbols pretty much.

Thank you for educating me. I am on the mobile forum though and can't see an option to change to HTML input.
I only intended for the first part of that to be struck through. I have more learning yet to do!

Sounds awesome, good to hear we should be getting this back soon! Afterall forum etiquete is very important! Smiley Tongue


rjproper wrote:

I only intended for the first part of that to be struck through. I have more learning yet to do!

You can't (or I can't) switch it off. You need to first type something in plain, and then left cursor back past it to the point of insertion.


I'm used to that because I also have to do that for quotes and copy and paste in the Opera browser on the PC. If anyone ever spots an extra letter after a quote I've put in one of my posts, like the a I've left here on purpose as an example, that will be because I forgotten to delete it again 


Kudos - of course doing the HTML takes more time, it would be quite handy

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Good idea!


You can get strike through to work in the comment box when adding the HTML code: <s> and </s> before and afte any text in the "HTML" section but when you go to post it, it comes up with the following:


Your post has been changed because invalid HTML was found in the message body. The invalid HTML has been removed. Please review the message and submit the message when you are satisfied.


And then the code is removed as well as the strike though.


I reckon this should be quick easy to implent as it only requires certain HTML code being xcepted or button added.






cool that works Smiley Happy


@think of tommorow I tried the <s> </s> tags initially but got the error, Oslingbys <strike> tags work though but there really should be an easier way.