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Strike through option on text

Strike through option on text

Not the biggest of ideas but a needed one I feel. There used to be a strike through option on text which seems to have disappeared a while ago and subsequent lithium releases don't seem to have corrected this (so it doesn't seem to be a bug as such).



When you have made a mistake in a reply and want to correct it so as not to cause confusion, the only options now are to delete the reply or change it (which can be misinterpreted as trying to cover up a mistake).



The strike through option is a useful way to show the previous answer has been corrected and allow the correct information to be given.   It should be easy to get it back as it used to be an option.



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Edited to this:

You get 350 inclusive mins on the £10 goodybag

Correction: that's 250 inclusive mins on the £10 goodybag.


PS.  I had to use HTML to get the strike through on this (all credit to stephenmiller on showing me how Smiley Happy)

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giffgaff head-scratcher

It should be fixable, as when Craig recently fixed my issue regarding 40000 characters being the limit on a post, I found my strikethrough began working


Great idea- I was always wondering how other users do this but it would be very useful to have it back. 

giffgaff; ergo sum

Yes I think this should be put back as an edit option.

big cheese
Lol then I won't be able to hide my worst typos Smiley Sad

Yeah i agree it makes you look guilty when you want to not show misinformation otherwise.

I agree but should be options too

I have really missed this functionality and wholeheartedly support this idea. Often want to edit a post for spelling errors etc but would like to leave original text so others can see I am not gaming the system (posting short answer and then filling in the info later)


Kudos No. 10 given ... already said how much this is missed in the original thread.


To have to delete text rather than strikeout actually takes away from the post imho ... sometimes the OP needs to see what has been changed, rather than have to look for what's been deleted


former giff-staffer



We'll need to ask Lithium about this I think.


As, we can see it on certain permission levels.


If everyone had it before, and now doesn't, that might suggest some kind of Lithium change.


We'll raise and shout with what we get back with.



I ate the FAQ

@craig_t thanks for that as it was very useful especially on the help boards so if we could get this back it would be much appreciated. Smiley Happy