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Giffgaff could put some surveys together, maybe a couple each month to find out what giffgaff customers like and dislike. This would give giffgaff ideas on what they need to improve and what customers (THE most important thing in any business) want. For taking part in the surveys, we could be given kudos.


I think thats a great idea, I was thinking surveys but getting points rather than kudos?


We could have a survey to see which rewards we want Smiley Wink


Ye true, like o2 we can pick which reward we want.


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Kudos would be pointless as they mean nothing. Maybe a small amount of points for each survey we do, like 200-500. Nice idea though

Yeh points would be more popular. To be honest as im new to this I didnt know the difference between kudos and points, but as points are more useful it would be a better idea


Always good for a company to get as much as information about what their customers like and dislike about the business, however a lot of giffgaff is run through these forums anyway so we already air problems and give suggestions for payback as it is Smiley Happy

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I like this idea. It's different because it gives you payback points!