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This will interest more to the people who got a T-shirt for 1000 post or a hoodie for 10000 post. I was wondering, if its not too late, Can we customise our Tee's. By that I mean, Having our usernames printed below the Giffgaff logo. Or on the back of the hoodie.


That incurs a charge, I know. But if Giffgaff does it in bulk, It might work out at £4 - £5 per T-shirt.

Before everyone jumps on me and say that the T-shirts have already been ordered, See the phrase in RED

Others who didn't get a T-shirt this time, Keep up the great work Smiley Happy. There will be a Round 3 in Future.


Thanks for reading.

I have never recieved a t shirt Smiley Sad

I misread this Smiley Tongue

giffgaff; ergo sum

I've hot 15000 posts now, no t- shirt hoodie nowt, so where is my goodies giffgaff lol.

mad scientist
Just got my email telling me I have earned myself a t-shirt Smiley Happy
big cheese
Me too for a t shirt
mad scientist
Cool Smiley Happy
giffgaff; ergo sum

Got Mine Smiley Very Happy


yay ... PM received ... cool Man Happy

mad scientist
We'll all look very smart Smiley Wink
I ate the FAQ

No email yet Smiley Sad.  


Right! now I'm going on strike and will sulk in a corner and never, ever come back to giffgaff ever again.  I will tell all my friends and family to change networks and I will wear a selection of other network's clothing until I get a personal apology from the gaffer ahhhhh! (or maybe not Smiley Tongue