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Talktalk trying to compete

Talktalk trying to compete

TalkTalk are offering 300 minutes and 600MB data for £5 per month (SIM only) - or £3.75 per month if you take out a 12 month contract.


Giffgaff need to compete with this!

But is it free gg to gg?
And payback??

No free calls between TalkTalk users as far as I'm aware, and no payback.  I wouldn't consider without those features but the headline offer will be attractive to many.

heavy hitter
Talk talk, will try anything as they have so many rubbish reviews
600 MB of data I'd use that in a day lol

Why do giffgaff need to compete with this? From a business point of view, I would say it's the high spenders giffgaff needs to attract, not those spending a paltry £5 or £3.75 a Month!

 Not supported.

Sounds like a real loss leader to me.

If giffgaff were to try to match every network's cheapest deals they wouldn't last long!

It's only for existing TalkTalk customers. Free calls are to other phones on your own account, and not to all customers of their network. Voicemail and text alerts are free, though. 0845 calls are 35p/min. Network is Vodafone. I think I'll stick with my Talkmobile £1 per month contract as my backup on Vodafone's network.