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Terminate used goodybags, so you can buy another,

Terminate used goodybags, so you can buy another,

So here i am with the 5 pound goodybag for 300 texts and  60 minutes. due to a family problem it got used up, So now i have to  cope with 3 weeks  unable to buy a new goodybag.


I know it realy only matters with the cheapest bag as the others are unlimited but surely a way to  cancel a used up goodybag or at least when they run out they disapear


 if the goodie bag is used up why on earth is it made to hang around for the remainder of the month


Surely like all the other providers, a way to buy more texts or calls when needed, after all thats what phones are for.


There is a way, add PAYG credit Smiley Happy


This has been suggested and rejected before. The one month duration is in line with other PAYG service providers.

This would lead to them not making money for GG and all you need to do is buy a bigger one
No other providers make you wait till the next month for more minutes - a goodybag is like a monthly contract. If you use it up your on the wrong one -I understand u had special circumstances but it would be the same if you were on a phone contract - ie you'd pay per minute until next month
Giffgaff can send you a monthly statement to tell you which one should be on too to help this not happen. Get on the right one and I'll never have to think about it
Just get another sim and top it up
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Its not used up someone might call you in the next 3 weeks and give you more minutes to use

 i was on 02 any you can buy other packeges  as they are used up,  so not really  in line with others,  why was it regected, ?


At least you only have to wait 3 weeks, if this was a years contract you would have a year before you could change, and calls and texts are not too expensive 10p calls and 6p texts.


Other providers do the same, eg: o2 have the monthly top up - get stuff (unlimited texts/1000 texts and mins etc), you can only do this once a month. Its just that instead of buying it, its more automatic and is described as "top up [£10] a month and get..." (i cant remember if its called a bolt-on or tariff but either way, its the same principle). I do agree that i wish it could be done though.

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