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Hi everyone, if your a regular poster here you will know about one our of every 15 questions (rough guess) is "setup Tethering" or "I'v been banned" or some other question relating to tethering using goodybags.


While we all know this isnt allowed unless your on a gigabag giffgaff is already starting to get some bad press about being banned with unlimited isnt unlimited simply because they haven't read the terms and conditions or the goodybag information etc.


So my solution.


Internet via giffgaff goes through a APN (Access Point Name) =


So if we can get giffgaff to create a second APN maybe something like = tethering


We can charge access via this new APN at standard rates regardless if the user has a goodybag or not,

allowing for tethering use while having a active goodybag hence not limiting the customer to one service at a time or forcing them to use another device.


I think this should definately be technically possible and should solve the 'Not allowed" constantly being conveyed to goodybag customers.


Kudos the Idea if you like it and giffgaff may look at it Smiley Tongue


It's such a great idea and seems really feasible too Smiley Happy But will the APN have to be changed manually to switch between tethering and not tethering?


Jack Smiley Wink


Looks promising and will help a lot of people out.


About time giffgaff does something to allow users to tether and come out of the stone-age. A seperate SIM is impractical for most people. Many want to tether with just light usage.


A lot of people stay with providers like Three so they can tether.


Tethering is becoming quite a big requirement what with phones blaitently promoting that they have built in wifi hotspots it's a feature that will become very popular if customers know it's there a phone that can do the leg work of mobile broadband routers without the router but you still get your phone. I think a range of dedicated tethering plans that are a set mix of what exists 500mb/1Gb/3Gb and minutes/texts to create new comprihensive plans that will embrace the change of digital lifestyle that really is coming and it's coming fast I don't want a mifi router and a phone when my phone can be my mifi and my phone.

My 2p.


With the introduction of Tethering Detection software by giffgaff in Q1 2013 then Tethering support can be added in easily.


1) The current plan is... If users tether then you get a webpage that asks them to not Tether and bans them for 30 mins.

2) Instead it also offers them to pay for a days tethering for 10p/20p/50p whatever out of your alloance.

3) You can set your account to "auto acknowledge" the tether request meaning whenever you tether you get charged the set daily amount without having to go via the webpage

4) Note the big in BOLD Standard Ts&Cs for data usage still apply! Use a boatload of data and you will get banned for doing something to the detriment of others. I you need a lot of data buy a Gigabag


What do people think?




Maybe this idea is now redundant given that the £10 goodie bag will in future allow tethering?


Any updates on this? Now that giffgaff are doing tethering, this is the best time to implement this as ever.

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Status changed to: Working On It
As you guys know, tethering will be available on our £10 goodybag - thanks!
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Status changed to: Implemented
Hi guys, as of today we offer tethering on our £10 goodybag - thanks for the great idea!

Unfortunately I dont believe this idea has been implemented, I understand that in a way tethering is now allowed on one goodybag however this was not the original idea, could you please remove the current label and take this back to the ideas meeting as the current situation is not what the members have voted for.

Many Thanks