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Hi everyone, if your a regular poster here you will know about one our of every 15 questions (rough guess) is "setup Tethering" or "I'v been banned" or some other question relating to tethering using goodybags.


While we all know this isnt allowed unless your on a gigabag giffgaff is already starting to get some bad press about being banned with unlimited isnt unlimited simply because they haven't read the terms and conditions or the goodybag information etc.


So my solution.


Internet via giffgaff goes through a APN (Access Point Name) =


So if we can get giffgaff to create a second APN maybe something like = tethering


We can charge access via this new APN at standard rates regardless if the user has a goodybag or not,

allowing for tethering use while having a active goodybag hence not limiting the customer to one service at a time or forcing them to use another device.


I think this should definately be technically possible and should solve the 'Not allowed" constantly being conveyed to goodybag customers.


Kudos the Idea if you like it and giffgaff may look at it Smiley Tongue

giffgaff; ergo sum

Hi Oli


I like this idea you have my support.

Here ya go Oli ... another well deserved kudos. Smiley Happy. Well thought out - Liking much I am


I very much like the idea.


The idea is technically possible and it is done by other networks, I very honestly think that the idea is given a chance and the status should be reconsidered.



Fantastic idea gets my vote
grand master

This seems like a good idea if it's possible Smiley Happy


good idea!!!


Hi, i just ordered a giffgaff sim as my contract is up in 10 days, and I was just looking for the fair use policy when I saw the "tethering=ban" statement. Various searches have led me to this thread.

I think many of us are in the situation where thte occasisional tethering would be handy. Personally, I do it maybe twice a year. My average monthly useage is 200mb, mostly sat-nav, but once this xmas I did use all of my 1GB quota when at my sister's house where I was tethering to a laptop I was fixing. I don't own a portable computer apart from my phone, so my tethering requirements are few.


I understand that the systems can identify tethering is happening (else this policy couldn't be policed) and I understand some of the methods that can be used to identify tethering.  My proposal is that on the day tethering happened, all of that day's data useage is "assigned" to the tethering quota for the customer...whether it be PAYG or a bolt-on or just seen as part of the monthly (unlimited) allowance based on whether the whole month's usage has been fair.


I use very few minutes and only a few texts per day, so the £10 goodybag looked ideal for me until I saw the tethering ban. Obviously I don't know what logging information is supplied to giffgaff from O2, but surely the date is part of it..


I would prefer to have it included in a known monthly payment, but even a PAYG per MB option (all data for the date the tethering was detected) is a major advance over getting banned.

If there is a better package for the useage I've outlined, I would appreciate the community pointing me that direction, I was also looking at the gigabag plus standard rates for all the other useage, but that comes a poor second to a known monthly price.


cheers, Mytheroo (hopefully soon to be giffgaffed)



It is a good idea but people are going to complain even more about the size of bill they run up doing this.
by turkeyphant on 08-06-2012 11:12
It is a good idea but people are going to complain even more about the size of bill they run up doing this.
Its a option, their choice to spend what they like.
How tethering can be so much complicated!! Pls make this idea come true! I love my phone but giffgaff service turns it a brick...