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Text Alert to GiffGaff Members

Text Alert to GiffGaff Members

Apologies if this has already been covered.


This morning I was trying to get into GiffGaff and was again having login problems. I knew it was Gremlins, but others may not have been aware. Therefore I was thinking it would be a good idea if a system was in place to alert GiffGaff customers for any faults that have arisen, such the site being down due to Gremlins or top up problems etc... GiffGaff customers may be able to select their preferred method of alert, eg email or text. Or they can select to opt out of they wish.


I know GiffGaff have a Facebook page to discuss problems, also Twitter (which I dont use personally), which both are great, but just in case people dont get a chance to go on Facebook or anything, or if its not been updated, a convenient alert system would be good.


Just an idea Smiley Happy



Would be good but I doubt it's gunna happen.

Something similar to this has been suggested before, but giffgaff said it was unsuitable because they don't like any sort of "blanket" communication to members, only targetted communication to particular groups.


Here's the similar idea.

mad scientist

Berniethebolt, I can understand the similarities between the link you've shown, thanks. the idea I suggested was customers to recieve a text or email, not to ring themselves! Slight difference there.

mad scientist
I'm just going back to this suggestion I made a few months ago. Today would have ideal for members to receive a text from GiffGaff to say there are Internet connection issues, that way people would be aware before coming here to say they are having data problems. I think a text alert system would be great to ensure everyone is aware, so that the person wouldnt just think it's them alone having problems. Some people simply may not get a chance to come online that easily to find out what's going on. Also a text after everything is sorted as well Smiley Happy