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Texts for Calling Credit?

Texts for Calling Credit?

The £5 hokey thingy is cool, especially the free minutes bit BUT as usual I'm running out of texts. Wouldn't it be great if I could exchange some of my remaining 58mins and 74mins free calls for text cred :-)


Like o2's numbers where you get 1000 mins OR texts, I liked this idea (although didnt like that you could only use it with certain people) I think it would be great to use it on whatever you use first Smiley Happy

rocket scientist

i dont think this would be possible to do.

and i dont think giffgaff would support this, sinc ethen you would theoreticly be able to get over 300 texts, which would defeat the hokey cokeys purpose


If you're hardly using any minutes but using loads of texts, would'nt you find it better on the unlimited texts bag. If you need both, perhaps the tenner bag would suit. I think the ability to exchange minutes for texts and vice versa would complicate matters.


Would be good if giffgaff offered units like other networks do. A plan would come with a pre-set number of units. For every text sent or minute used a unit would be deducted. I can see how this would be unviable though as some people may use all their units for calling which costs a lot more than a text and would out giffgaff out of pocket on that particular deal.