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The giffgaff SIM Checker.

Status: Implemented
by jamesd2010 ‎31-07-2011 17:45


Ok so what’s this all about?


When you receive a SIM, you have no identification if it’s yours or in fact a family members SIM, the only giveaway is the label on the package, which would then be thrown away. You could get a little bit muddled up with SIMs, and then what do you do?


Or perhaps, you’re a Micro SIM distributor, and would like to check that SIM out to see if it’s one of yours?  Or maybe a new member, that would like to check if that SIM you’ve got will grab you £5 free credit?


The list goes on, and I’ve included some ideas below:


Why would this be useful?


  • You have more than one family member, and you want to be sure this SIM is yours to grab your 500 points
  • You’re a Micro SIM distributor, and you’re concerned about the recent scam.
  • You’re a new user, you want to be sure the SIM you’ve got will grab you £5 credit.
  • You like to re-assure yourself the SIM is tied to your account.


The proposal:


My proposal is to have a facility linked to the SIM database which allows users to search for their SIMs by simply typing in the activation code, and then with this simple activation code, allows them to check if the SIM is associated with the user, or if it is in fact associated with someone else.


The system would only have to query a yes or no, and wouldn’t need to provide the member name (protection of other users), and then if it is linked, would display the example above. If it it wasn’t then it would say something like “Bad news” and then say “this SIM isn’t linked to your account, so you wouldn’t get 500 points, better luck next time!”


As you can see from the picture I’ve brewed up, it would be a good feature to have, and I hope you agree, if you do, a kudos would show your support.


Thanks for reading, if you’d like my idea explained more, just let me know.




Status: Implemented

You call that an idea - I don't understand it - too many big words.


I will only support it if you guarantee it will be considered in the queue after the very important meeting for the extra smilies :-)




So you're saying, because I spent hours planning and thinking it out... It's a bad idea? Smiley Wink


Thanks for your support, and hmmm... I'm not the judge of that one! Smiley Tongue


Look Jamsie boy I never said it was a bad idea just that with all those hours of planning involving lots of big words my attention wandered, I then fell asleep thinking of smilies and woke up refreshed targeting an admin role on here with my first decision being to judge your latest proposal.


Ps I was going to do a smiley to add to the message but the one I wanted does not exist on here........


Yeah, its a good idea, I have sims lying about at my house and I haven't got a clue who they belong to.


This idea should be simple to implement I would have thought!


This feature would be great,  esecially useful to anybody involved in payback... really good, thought out idea this one






Haha! No offence taken Smiley Wink.


And thank you all for the support!


This sounds like a really good idea and probably wouldn't cost much to implement.

pathfinder green65

I have emailed akisoft to see if his api has this funtionality.

@green65 Thanks, hopefully if he has one, it will encourage Giffgaff to accept it.
former giff-staffer
Status changed to: Not For Us
The whole team felt this idea was very well thought out and presented. We have had to mark this an not suitable because at present the small scale of demand would not warrant the cost of development. However please note we are currently working on new SIM packaging that will better ID the type of SIM in it.