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The giffgaff SIM Checker.

The giffgaff SIM Checker.

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Ok so what’s this all about?


When you receive a SIM, you have no identification if it’s yours or in fact a family members SIM, the only giveaway is the label on the package, which would then be thrown away. You could get a little bit muddled up with SIMs, and then what do you do?


Or perhaps, you’re a Micro SIM distributor, and would like to check that SIM out to see if it’s one of yours?  Or maybe a new member, that would like to check if that SIM you’ve got will grab you £5 free credit?


The list goes on, and I’ve included some ideas below:


Why would this be useful?


  • You have more than one family member, and you want to be sure this SIM is yours to grab your 500 points
  • You’re a Micro SIM distributor, and you’re concerned about the recent scam.
  • You’re a new user, you want to be sure the SIM you’ve got will grab you £5 credit.
  • You like to re-assure yourself the SIM is tied to your account.


The proposal:


My proposal is to have a facility linked to the SIM database which allows users to search for their SIMs by simply typing in the activation code, and then with this simple activation code, allows them to check if the SIM is associated with the user, or if it is in fact associated with someone else.


The system would only have to query a yes or no, and wouldn’t need to provide the member name (protection of other users), and then if it is linked, would display the example above. If it it wasn’t then it would say something like “Bad news” and then say “this SIM isn’t linked to your account, so you wouldn’t get 500 points, better luck next time!”


As you can see from the picture I’ve brewed up, it would be a good feature to have, and I hope you agree, if you do, a kudos would show your support.


Thanks for reading, if you’d like my idea explained more, just let me know.




head honcho

A big shame to be honest, i thought it would have great benefit but hey, thats just my opinion. Great idea james, shame it cant currently be implimented Smiley Sad


So can you tell me the id codes of the sims you have sent me please, if this useful ideas is not gonna happen!






Thanks! Glad to see the idea still being supported by members.


good idea

This is a great idea. The systems must already know which SIMs are linked to which account so I can't personally see where a large amount of development would be required. I'm glad to see this still being supported and hope giffgaff reconsider this when some other projects are completed. --Adam
good idea but i dont fink itz worth da hassle 4 giffgaff becz at the moment itz all abt growin gg
This is such a brilliant idea. I have recently thrown some SIMs away because I was not sure whether they were tied to my account. I felt horrible doing it, but this would have prevented all of that waste. Giffgaff, please reconsider this proposal. It has nearly 80 kudos tied to it, so the lack of demand argument surely cannot apply.



The 'other giffgaffer' seems to be unaware that he is not receiving any points for the SIMs he is distributing...




Thanks for bringing that up, was just about to post about that - More of a reason this idea needs implementing. Microgaff is expanding rapidly, if the SIM process can't be perfected we need to be able to check.