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The help dashboard

The help dashboard

One of the biggest problems recently is agents, in a way that they are getting more cases than expected and more than they can easily cope with.


So, in a rather bizarre move, giffgaff decided to put an 'agent responses' dashboard on the 'my giffgaff' page recently, and to make it worse, they even include a dedicated direct 'ask an agent' link.....WHY! It doesn't stop there, the 'my giffgaff' page doesn't even include an 'ask the community' link or any mention of the community at all on this page. So where is the logic in this, it simpily and wrongly promotes asking an agent as a first port of call for help.



Heres my idea: 



The help dashboard,

to replace the current 'agent responses' dashboard on the 'my giffgaff' page. It would have the following features:


  1. A dedicated and direct ask the community link, leading to the immediate ask a question page.
  2. The dedicated ask the community link will be prioritised, put in a grey button above any other port of help, including being above 'asking an agent'.
  3. A link to a page which explains what giffgaff agents can do, and why asking giffgaff agents should be for certain 'account' related issues ONLY. This page will then link to the 'ask an agent' link, acting as a filter to reduce the number of cases raised that do not need to be raised with agents.
  4. It will not include a direct link to ask an agent.
  5. A dedicated direct link to the Help tab.
  6. Easy access to your inbox's. with a dedicated area for your community private message inbox and agent responses inbox


The logic:


  • To reduce the number of agent related cases, which do not need to be asked to an agent.
  • To improve the knowledge and understanding of what giffgaff agents are there for.
  • To motivate people to ask the community FIRST, before anything else.
  • To highlight and motivate the use of the Help tab as an easy resource.
  • To prioritise help options in a relevant order of importance. Asking the community, going to the help pages and THEN asking an agent if necessary.
  • To give easy access to both giffgaff inbox's, especially to highlight the agent inbox (this is already a feature).


If you like the idea, you know what to do ;-)





good luck with the community inbox count. lithums APIs are about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

head honcho


im sure its technically possible somehow. I certainly hope so anyway..... :/

rocket scientist

this is a great idea, hopefully they can do all the graphics like you, it would certinaly make stuff clearer

head honcho


thanks Smiley Happy i certainly hope so too Smiley Wink




Don't worry it is technically possible, Lithium's API was used with Unlockapedia, so I'm sure a simple inbox count isn't going to cause any problems.

head honcho


good stuff then Smiley Happy


@jamesd2010 getting the count is easy. but logging in as the user without loging them out of the main site is very hard to do.

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you cant log in the the community without logging into the main site, and you are more likely to be logged out of the main site before the community anyway with the session time out times Smiley Happy

I came here primarily because it's an idea by joshaw and then I saw the idea. No surprises. It's brilliant.
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wow, thats the best compliment so far Smiley Very Happy Thank you! glad you like the idea, and thanks for the support Smiley Happy