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Top up via your phone when your credit has run out!

Top up via your phone when your credit has run out!

Ever been in that tricky situation when your goodybag runs out and you have no access to the internet so you can top up with another goodybag.....?


I have and it can be a real nuisance.


What I suggest is that giffgaff allows access at all times to only the giffgaff topup page, even if you have no credit.


This would allow us all to top up with another goodybag straightaway using our phone internet rather than having to search for internet somewhere else to top up with another goodybag. V annoying if you're caught on the go.


All in favour of this - give it some kudos and cross your fingers!!! Smiley Happy

i agree but Giffgaff maybe doing this but anyways we shall see
top cat

I thought the top up page was supposed to be free to access anyway? (correct me if I'm wrong someone)


Good idea, kudos.

I ate the FAQ

This has alrleady been implemented and is a duplicate of this


The mobile site is 

ace of spades
Http:// is free to use. It has been for some time
I suppose I may have made a typo when I tried to connect whilst I was out of credit, but I couldn't seem to connect at that time. I'll give what u suggest a go next month.
ace of spades
Careystephen you have to go to via a bookmark for it to connect with no credit. Putting that url in the address bar gives an error. You have to use a bookmark
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You can top-up with a voucher over the phone aswel (43430) but unfortunately credit/debit cards aren't accepted over the phone yet.

ace of spades
Almost forgot. You must use your default browser
Thanks for the tip sloz. I'll test this option next month. I'd already added a bookmark using the link in your earlier post. Another suggestion might be to add this information to the top up section of the giff gaff website so everyone realizes this user friendly option for topping up.