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Top up via your phone when your credit has run out!

Top up via your phone when your credit has run out!

Ever been in that tricky situation when your goodybag runs out and you have no access to the internet so you can top up with another goodybag.....?


I have and it can be a real nuisance.


What I suggest is that giffgaff allows access at all times to only the giffgaff topup page, even if you have no credit.


This would allow us all to top up with another goodybag straightaway using our phone internet rather than having to search for internet somewhere else to top up with another goodybag. V annoying if you're caught on the go.


All in favour of this - give it some kudos and cross your fingers!!! Smiley Happy

ace of spades
Just another tip if you access that page with the exact ammount on your account that you want to buy the goodybag with. Dont click community or full at the bottom of the page. Theyre not free. Having said that its always wise to have a few pound extra in your account anyway

Great idea, but could also be implemented in different ways.


Kudos given.

Idea already in place as mobile giffgaff is free rated, excluding community

auto-topup and low balance alerts?

The idea may be technically possible but it may not be obvious or straightforward from the average user's point of view. The idea is to publicise the method. It's simple once it's pointed out that a user just needs to create a bookmark to the mobile homepage, but the real idea here is to make all giffgaff users aware of this really useful way of topping up. I think alot of the comments so far illustrate that not everyone is savvy about topping up in this way. I had actually attempted to top in this way but must have got the web address wrong as I had no bookmark.


Auto-topup isn't available for goodybags as far as I know and goodybags are probably one of the most popular ways of topping up, so it's probably worth highlighting the various methods of adding a goodbag from a data enabled mobile with a nil balance. Most people have balance alerts turned off.


One possibility of highlighting the mobile method of topping up with a goodybag is to add another section to the top-up page, so that it is immediately obvious to new users that they can still connect to a giffgaff mobile page; even with a nil balance; and top up with another goodybag rather than having to find a computer with internet access to do so. Maybe also add a button which sends a txt to a user's phone with the bookmark link in the text.



big cheese

Until we can quickly select our goodybags via our handsets we will have too much hassle,  have given a sim and registered my mother, she is allergic to the net and that means more hassle for me....