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Track Payback Process..

Track Payback Process..

How about giffgaff impliment such a system, that enables each and every individual to assess himself/herself to see how well they are doing contributing in the giffgaff community..
At the moment we find out at the end of the month which band we achieved, but better than that is a system which tracks your progress and you can see how well you are doing..
Its an idea i'd like to propose so that every giffgaffer can benefit and could be a means of encouragement in one aspect.. Smiley Very Happy
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@ leonc888 That spread sheet sounds good and if you did put together a 'how to' I'd be interested in it Smiley Happy The idea about being able to track sim activation etc has already been put forward and giffgaff has said they are looking into implementing it which will be very useful for members.
U can already check payback of the refferals in spread giffgaff also a running total of your solutions , posts and kudos . ...... What more do u want ? Smiley Happy

I agree, good in theory, but would be "played" too much!

Well that's interesting I had no idea my Payback or progress had anything to with how well others are doing. I would have thought it would be completely independent to everyone else... guess not.

There is a positive side to this idea. If people realised that their large number of poor quality posts was not getting them anywhere, then perhaps the quality of posts would improve.

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my comment rabout the overall activity of the community having an impact on your personal points score is based on this quote from Vincent


It's important to realise that this system is relative, the number of points you get in any given period depends on how your level of contribution compares to the rest of the member base. Whatever band you end up in this time is no guarantee of what happens in the next period - even if you do the same amount of activity you may go up or down a band depending on what others are doing.

Mmm maybe an excuse to hand out more band 2's
Sounds like the banding is not calculated until all results are in.

I love the idea i would love to see how well im doing when ever i like instead of end each month