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Transfer of Unused Goody Bag amount to charity

Transfer of Unused Goody Bag amount to charity

I wonder if GiffGaff would consider transferring amounts that are unused from Goody Bags, to the Charity Fund? 


you mean donate mins, texts and data to charity.. how will they be able to use that??


perhaps what giffgaff are already doing by matching payback donated by giffgaffers to 2 chosen charities is a better solution..


that would be good, it wouldnt be much for mins and texts, but would mount up for data, it might encourage members to use a bit less knowing what they dont use a % of it could go to charity and free up the network a bit, combined with what ever is donated from payback it could be quite an amount, plus gg could use this in advertising  some how, they could say some like "dont use up all your goodybag ? brilliant, because so much of it will go to charity" or something along them lines.


@yuwa  i think he means money, say some one only uses say half of a say £15 goodybag a % of that could go to charity.

How about giffgaff supplying charity workers in the community provided with a text / call allowance each month from the unused allowances from goody bags?

Service providers like giffgaff allow for a percentage of the inclusive allowances remaining unused when they price goodybags so if members were to start donating leftover minutes and data etc they would cease to be profitable and prices would have to increase and/or the contents reduced, so not supported.



Just like unused allowanceson other networks expire and do not roll over, there is no way to really quantify this amounts with unlimited texts in many plans, and some unlimited data.


Best plan is the KISS plan (Keep It Simple Sweetie) - you lose what is left over - SIMPLE


We already get a good deal not being required to maintain a regular contract but still getting the equivalent of contract rates with the goodybags/gigabags . . .