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Two Ideas

Two Ideas

I have a couple of ideas that I couldnt see suggested already, and thought i'd save a bit of space by combining them:


Idea 1: If you get a reply to a query on ask an agent, then you could be notified by an email - great - however the email only says your first name, i currently have 3 different accounts and this can be really confusing if you have more than one query on the go. So perhaps just include your username that it appliess to as i never know which account it is reffering to.


Idea 2: A button to order all your SIMs for the month - you know why - it takes ages. (I was supprised not to see this when I searched so i dont hold out much hope for this). So just a button saying 'Order all  of my remaining SIMs for the month' or something like that.


Giffgaff Idea Screenshot.png


EDIT: Included a very quick animation of what the ideas could look like.





no idea about 1


2. stops people ordering 30 sims every month and piling them up unused just because they can.

idea 1 is when you ask an agent something, and they reply you get an email telling you that your query has been answered. However it only gived your first name so if you have multiple accounts then you dont know which account they are reffering to


okay, how about only making this feature available to members who have increased sim order limits?


Idea 1 appeals as I use the same email address for several SIMs. I have already made my own solution - I have gone in and changed my details so that I use my forum name when they ask for my real name. When I order a SIM, the envelope comes addressed to rlproper. Giffgaff don't actually have me down as Rachel anymore. This was to avoid my activating any sims linked to my secondary account by mistake. It wouldn't really matter to me now that you sdon't need to top up within the 3 months prior to payback; but at the time, I thought my second account would fall foul of that rule and therefore forfeit any payback accrued.

thanks, i did think of changing my name on the secondary account, but we shouldnt have to do that, it seems pretty simple to me to change something as small as the addresse of an email?

I ate the FAQ

Saves even more space to search for duplicates first Smiley Tongue


Also please restrict to one idea at a time (though search first and don't post if the idea has already been suggested obviously) as otherwise giffgaff don't know which idea people are voting for.

Thanks bertiebat Smiley Happy 


Hahaa I did say I searched - tbh I was supprised that I couldn't find anything Smiley Tongue you never cease to amaze me Smiley Wink