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How about this. Giffgaff is innovative and enterprising!

For PayG users, let them only pay data charges for websites not on a personalised website list " I use Facebook everyday on my mobile. If i paid 20p a month (say), i will not get charged for going on Facebook on my mobile, but i will get charged for everything else"

"I use Twitter and Flickr alot on my mobile alot, and if i pay 25p i can go on these websites for free, no data charges. All others i get paid for"


What do you think? 

is it an idea?


well lets hope they can fix this data problem first matey Smiley Wink

Great idea infact! What about bumping up the prices higher but provide unlimited web visits to your favourite websites?

That sounds great, like instead of 20p per day, maybe you could do 40p per site per month. Great Idea but i imagine it would be hard to implement


I think that this would drastically reduce the amount of money that giffgaff get from data usage. I doubt most people who are using mobile data use it to surf the web. I expect most of them, like you, just use it to check up on facebook, twitter, etc. Also - what would the policy be for websites like stumbleupon, which take you to lots of different websites within the frame of the chosen site? Also most websites take information from different places throughout the web. Part of the reason they can't/won't/are struggling to make the community forums free to us all is because there are twitter feeds and "share" buttons and things which come from other parts of the web.


Also to look at it from a different angle, this would make giffgaff's data prices seem far higher to a third-party onlooker who is thinking of changing to giffgaff.


Whilst I think it's a nice idea, I don't think it would be logically possible as a business move.

However: I could be wrong. Smiley Wink

Good luck all the same.



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i totally agree this is an excellent idea


giv kudos if u agree

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I'm sorry to sound negative but I am sure we could all suggest ideas that benefit us, the trick is to suggest an idea that benefits us and makes giffgaff a profit Smiley Wink


how long is it till giffgaff change the status?


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Status changed to: Not For Us
This Idea has unfortunately not received much support in over 3 months and has not reached the magic 10 kudos needed but if it does it will later be revisited. ^_^ Thanks so much for contributing to the Ideas board and I look forward to your next idea. Kind regards, Hazel
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Status changed to: Idea Vault

I like this idea, not sure about the pricing, but nice basic plan.


Kudos from me Smiley Wink