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Unlimited Internet and text goody bag

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Unlimited Internet and text goody bag

Basically a goody bag giving unlimited Internet and texts and a few minuets like the hokey cokey goodie bag just with unlimited texts as well this could be priced at around £7-8 therefore giving some one who doesn't use the phone that much for calling but  uses it mostly for texting and the Internet a cheaper option than the £10 goodie bag. Personally I would go for something like this if there was an option of this.

Many have been suggested like this but gg wont be looking at prices inbetween the ones already
I ate the FAQ
Status changed to: Idea Vault

A few variants on this idea have been suggested (please search) and duplicate to this

We are not looking for ideas which are simply a variation of minutes to goodybags. We keep a close eye on the market and add what we feel is the right amount of minutes to the different goodybags as well as having a brilliant rates on PAYG. So lower end users are catered for with that.

Similar have been portrayed but a no go