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Unlimited : Time to go capped ??

Unlimited : Time to go capped ??

Idea.. to remove the unlimited goodybags and replace with capped allowances.
If you agree please support the idea


Original idea posted here for discussion and after great support

After reading many posts on the subject of the unlimited goodybags do you think it may be time to just call it a day ?

Giffgaff seems to be fighting  a losing battle with data chompers and have had to manage the data we have available for the members .

This has had the effect of slowing the available data to the members and after reading many many members complaints about very slow Internet speeds ( assuming it's giffgaffs traffic management) maybe we should just bite the bullet and have realistic capped allowance goodybags.

Yes I understand it's a thorny issue but surely it's better to have say the £10 1g / £12 3g bag and £15 5 gig bag etc with usable data as the new deal well it's just a patch up that won't fix the underlying issues and will come to a head again..
I think let's just remove the unlimited now and we can get on with a realistic capped data allowance that all users can use and not abuse


giffgaff is making an offer of 5GB for £15 which is £3 per GB.


This does not sit well where people are using unlimited at £15 and  then consuming 15 GB  for which they  are only paying £1 per GB.


That makes giffgaff a two teir service as all the low users pay the price of £3 or £4 per GB and so subsidise the heavy users who are only paying £1 per GB.


This is a good reason to get rid of "unlimited" and redistribute the data previously used by the heavy downloaders  to increase the capacity of the lower priced limited goodybags.


Pay for what you use is the only fair way to treat all giffgaf customers.


My worry is that we could lose giffgaff unless we have a realistic profit to product and losing the unlimited seems the best option to me






Yes. +1

Shame giffgaff didn't take this goodybag reshuffle opportunity to deal with it; I guess that makes them partly responsible for the present state of affairs. But of course, it's also caused by greedy people with no consciences and VPNs who are just getting what they "Paid" for, so yeah, the blame won't go anywhere.

It would be as well if we were careful in what we're asking for; if everybody and their dogs start tethering, we'll be sunk. I'd like giffgaff to ask honestly for sensible prices on their data allowances that would allow good speeds and tethering.

Good luck with the idea, anyway. I'm not going to rehash all the points in support since the thread you've linked covers them well enough, but I hope it bears fruit. "Unlimited" is unsustainable.


To be honest I think it's a little too late for that now that the new goodybags have been finalised. Also there was so much opposition in the goodybag consultation from members that wanted to keep unlimited Internet at the £12 price point.


 That opposition, has to be the reason that there was a little back-tracking by giffgaff to come up with the final line-up that includes an unlimited offering at £15. (Albeit for existing members only, WITH small print).


 It doesn't seem to matter to many of those members opposing the changes to the goodybags, that there was a problem with Internet experience for many of us, because they hadn't suffered themselves.


 I have my feet in two camps here, because I both understand that there is a limited amount of data available and so Unlimited Internet goodybags are unsustainable, (to shouts of 3 manage it). However when there was only half a million gifgaffers things were fine, now there is more than a Million, things are not fine. WHY not?


 Simply because there isn't room for the kind of expansion that giffgaff has managed to achieve. The membership has doubled but the Network capacity hasn't. They can't supply and keep happy twice as many members, without having twice the Network resources.


 I think you are correct that the underlying issues will surface again, that's if this "fix", even has effect on Data speeds. I also think that we will ultimately lose giffgaff unless the O2 network is expanded to keep up with demand, which none of the powers that be have said will happen.


 Let's be honest, nobody could have seen this data problem coming, but it's been going on now for many months now and it took giffgaff an awful long time to even admit there was a problem.


 They have now come up with an idea to give all members a better data experience. If it doesn't work or they can't expand the network in line with demand, then they have no place in a competitive world, simply because some of their competitors Can!

helping the masses
@davejybandit I genuinely thought the consultation would have come to the conclusion that unlimited bags were unsustainable and they would say it time to move on ..But to try and stop any outcry they came up with this scheme which in my opinion will neither give the data speeds the members want or help giffgaff move forward into a profitable concern ..its quite frankly a fudge.. And yes it may be too late but if the management see we are not against moving off unlimited and it means giffgaff gets stronger and survives Hopefully giffgaff may have a rethink

@kathleen414  I think your idea is admirable but I still think it's too late. Not your fault since you've had no time at all to react to the final goodybag line up.


. giffgaff presented this goodybag line up as a solution and as a result of the consultation.

 They could have presented it as a second consultation but they didn't, they announced that this would be the final line up and they gave a start date. In my opinion there is no way they could change it again, without ridicule.


 As for your statement that "if the management see we are not against moving off unlimited and it means giffgaff gets stronger and survives Hopefully giffgaff may have a rethink". Well unfortunately I don't think it's true, that "We" the members are not against moving off unlimited. I haven't counted but I think there were probably more members typing objections to the move from unlimited than there were supporting the proposals. If I'm wrong with that statement, then those against were at least a very large minority.


 I honestly don't think it will work either but then I don't buy the original excuse that some members are using so much data that it affects the experience of thousands of us. Nobody has successfully explained to me, how, for instance, mythical user bandit 666 can download scores of GB's at will, whilst mythical user goodguy999 can't even watch a short you-tube video without buffering if at all. Why can't goodguy999 also use ridiculous amounts of data?


 It's all speculation I know but if this doesn't work to resolve the very poor Internet experience of many members. I do think it'll be giffgaff's demise. It could be giffgaff's last stand.


 By the way, none of this has any self interest to me. I live in an area with very poor Signal on all the Networks. at the moment the O2 network is the best of a poor lot. Data at home doesn't exist  for me on giffgaff.



As I said in your thread in Contribute:


I'm firmly of the opinion that giffgaff need to ditch unlimited and concentrate on a range of limited products offering generous amounts of tetherable  data with reliable speeds. That would enable them to set prices that are sustainable and allow them to grow capacity in line with demand.

That they haven't bitten the bullet with the current changes has only put off the evil day when they will have to do it. While unlimited is a fine marketing hook, there are other markets out there that are almost certainly more sustainable and might actually be profitable.

heavy hitter

I fully support this idea and think it's long over due.

It's a brave  step forward and I feel something all companys will be doing in the future as the demand for data will be greater than the ability to supply it.


Is giffgaff brave enough or innovative enough though to do this anymore?




This is long over due.


Unlimited is unsustainable.  The entire O2 network would fail if all the giffgaff customers tried to use unlimited at even just 5 GB per month. 


Providing massive download capacity to just a very vocal minority that do not want to pay the full price for the data they use - 30 GB for £12 - means those people are subsidised by the low data users paying £4 per GB.


This is obviously not fair to normal light users or those on gigabags for tethering.  giffgaff cannot compete with the likes of UK 3 that own their network infrastructure and so do not have to pay per GB charges to an upstream  MNO like O2.







I was shocked and stunned that giffgaff failed to take the opportunity to remove unlimited goodybags when the 'consultation' took place, they're just ignoring the problem....................yet again! 


Imo if they won't admit defeat and stop unlimited then at the very least they should introduce a speed limit (128K?) for any one who exceeds a set amount (8GB?) per month!  

+1 The current goodybag proposal just panders to the unlimited data users and is an attempt to paper over the cracks with the GG data speed issues. I can't see it changing now but I believe it was an opportunity lost. The way that the new £15 unlimited goodybag is designed will cause confusion and long term bickering in the forums as and when people loose their unlimited by not conforming to the T's and C's.
Totally agree @kathleen414 - as I mention in contribute - "I mentioned this a couple of days ago - that I anticipated gg moving away from unlimited data to capped data. I think gg appears too concerned with keeping members happy by keeping unlimited data on the £15 bag. It's not sustainable and members appear to forget it's a business IMO - and needs to remain solvent - ie able to pay debts when due. At this rate gg will become a sinking ship Sorry. Rant over" So.....Supported